June 16th, 2021


Hello everyone! This time we’ll tell you about the Royal Never Give Up team: the most successful members of MSI and the organization that is famous for its League of Legends roster. So let’s start!


The first mention of RNG dates back to the summer of 2015. The team took the Vici Gaming Potential slot in the first division of the Chinese league and prepared to compete with the strongest teams in the world, including EDG, Team WE, Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming.

RNG roster in a debut LPL split

RNG roster in a debut LPL split

At the beginning of their journey, there were 7 players in the team, and the fact is that 3 of them played in the same position - the top.

The first RNG roster:

  • LetMe
  • Mlxg
  • xiaohu
  • wuxx
  • LeY
  • Skye
  • GodLike

The summer split of 2015 was not successful for the team: the 9th-12th place and a quick roster change.


3 toppers and support of the roster left the team before the start of the new season, and they were replaced by Looper and Mata.

Royal Never Give Up were invited to the IEM Season X World Championship. That was the first major test of the organization in the international arena.

The guys stood this test with dignity: the first place in the group with TSM, ESC Ever and Origen, and then a tight fight with Fnatic in the semifinals.

Unfortunately, the European giants didn’t allow the young team to reach the final on their first try, but it was a great experience for RNG, besides, they received $10,000 in prize money for the third place.

By the spring split, the roster expanded to 10 people: a replacement was added to each player.

RNG roster in spring 2016

RNG roster in spring 2016

RNG roster for spring split 2016:

  • letme
  • Looper
  • mlxg
  • InSec
  • xiaohu
  • Sask
  • wuxx
  • NaMei
  • Ley
  • Mata

If you remember, a bit earlier we talked about how such rosters interfered with the other teams, but that didn’t work with RNG and they became champions in their second split in life and guaranteed themselves a trip to MSI!

RNG at MSI 2016

RNG at MSI 2016

In the general group, Royal Never Give Up showed everyone that they had teeth and were able to advance to the playoffs from first place without any problems, losing only once to SKT T1 and CLG.

Their pair in 1/2 finals were SKT T1. The powerful Koreans didn't frighten the RNG and the heroes of our story were able to pick up the first map, but then they couldn’t oppose anything. Faker avenged the offensive defeat and took the MVP title of the match without any problems, defeating the Chinese in three maps in a row.

Royal Never Give Up was no longer considered whipping boys and they became prominent figures in the esports arena. From MSI 2016, they took 3-4 place and $50,000.

RNG failed to win the summer split, but they had enough points to qualify for the Worlds.

RNG.mlxg at Worlds 2016

RNG.mlxg at Worlds 2016

In the group stage Royal Never Give Up faced a tough test. Group D neighbors were Samsung Galaxy, TSM and Splyce. The intrigue remained until the last face-to-face match with the American team. RNG had the advantage in matches, but they were inferior in overall statistics.

The Chinese team was able to take an advantage quickly and kept it until the very end of the game. The score for both teams became 3-3, but RNGs were leading in head-to-head meetings 2-0, which allowed them to advance further in the tournament.

Ironically, they got to SKT T1 again and MSI's scenario was repeated: RNG managed to win the first game confidently, but then they lost three games in a row without any chance.

Royal Never Give Up finished in 5th-8th place and earned $202,800 in prize money.


2 offensive defeats against SKT T1 didn’t suit the organization and the players. Before the start of the new season, the roster changed and now there were no representatives of Korea:

  • Letme
  • Mlxg
  • Baybay
  • Y1HAN
  • Xiaohu
  • Uzi
  • Again
  • Ming

Just before the spring split of 2017 the legendary Uzi joined the team. With his play, he helped RNG to get the first place in the group stage and go straight to the 1/2 finals. The semi-final was easy enough for Royal Never Give Up: 3-1 against EDward Gaming and they got a ticket to the final.

In the match for the title, RNG had to face Team WE for the first time that season. Since the group stage meant  the division into 2 groups, the teams didn’t have time to play with each other.

Royal Never Give Up could not oppose anything to their rivals and lost the final 0-3. Nevertheless, the second place in the spring split was a good result.

Before the start of the summer split, the team managed to win the Demacia Cup with a new roster: the management abandoned 3 junglers, leaving only Mlxg, and Uzi didn’t take part in that tournament either.

In the summer, RNG again advanced to the playoffs without any problems from first place where they met their offenders from Team WE, but that time the game went according to a different scenario: the teams alternately exchanged cards and when the score was 2-2, RNGs turned out to be stronger.

The final against EDward Gaming was also 5 maps. RNG earned a 2-maps advantage, but then they allowed EDG to level the score easily.

Royal Never Give Up took 2nd place. Having stumbled in the final again, they still earned a slot to Worlds.

RNG.Uzi at Worlds 2017

RNG.Uzi at Worlds 2017

The heroes of our story ended up in group C for Samsung Galaxy, G2 Esports and 1907 Fenerbahce Esports. The native walls helped Royal Never Give Up to pass the group stage without any problems: they came out from the first place, losing only once to G2.

Oddly enough, but this time RNG fell not on SKT T1, but on Fnatic. The meeting with the European team turned out to be easy for RNG and they went to the 1/2 finals, where they again faced the aforementioned Koreans.

Royal Never Give Up again started the meeting with a confident victory on the first map, but did not miss the thread of the game further: the team led 2-1 and was one step away from reaching the final.

The Chinese again lacked some little thing. 3-4 place at the Worlds and $321,761 in prize money.

Domination year

Many people would say that a stable result in the top 5 of the world would suit them, but not RNG. The management of the team again decided to replace, besides, Uzi began to show health problems and he could not constantly perform at a professional level. By the beginning of the spring split, there were 11 players in the roster, of which 4 were in the ADC position.

This approach to the assembly of the roster did not immediately bear fruit: Royal Never Give Up hesitantly passed the group stage of the spring split, with statistics of 12-7 and qualified for the first round of the playoffs.

At the decisive stage of the tournament, their victorious procession began: Team WE, Snake Esports, Invictus Gaming and EDward Gaming - all these teams fell before the RNGs going to their victory.

Royal Never Give Up - Champions of LPL Spring 2018!

RNG went to MSI for the second time in their history. It is this tournament that will become fateful for Uzi and his team.

In the group stage, Royal Never Give Up faced serious competition from other Asian teams: Flash Wolves and KING-ZONE DragonX arrived in great shape, ready to beat the enemies. Nevertheless, RNG took first place, beating the Taiwanese team in tiebreaks.

The first match in the playoffs was against the principal opponents of RNG, who had already met them on their way - Fnatic. The European squad that year showed phenomenal results, which will be confirmed later at the Worlds, but in 2018 the Chinese region was unstoppable.

Royal Never Give Up advanced to the final, where the Korean team was waiting for them. T1 failed to take first place in the spring split and missed the opportunity to meet the heroes of our story again. This time, as you may have already noticed, KING-ZONE DragonX drove from Korea to MSI.

In the grand final, Uzi showed his true strength. The Koreans made a huge mistake, giving him Ezreal 3 times out of 4. As a result - the logical victory of Royal Never Give Up.


Royal Never Give Up - MSI 2018 Winners!

At that time, literally everyone was talking about RNG. Everyone admired Uzi's performance and tried to be like him. The team became the main favorite of the World Championship.

The season continued to be great for the Chinese team, with RNG winning the Demacia Cup Summer and preparing for the summer split, but Uzi's condition began to deteriorate and other players began to replace him. This did not stop me from winning Rift Rivals and taking first place in the summer split, but the pressure from constant attention and the fact of illness played a cruel joke on the Worlds.

Royal Never Give Up at World Championship 2018

Royal Never Give Up at World Championship 2018

The group stage went relatively smoothly: having got into the group to Cloud9, Team Vitality and Gen.G, RNG were able to come out from the first place, while beating C9 in the tiebreak for the first place.

G2 became the first and only opponents of the Chinese squad in the playoffs. Royal Never Give Up managed to get ahead and even earn a match point and a single advantage card, but Perkz did not let the RNG go further this year.

Slow decline and change of era

With the success of the RNG and IG's victory at Worlds 2018, LPL is now widely referred to as the strongest region in the world. Despite all this, Royal Never Give Up began to lose ground, and this is due to the banal fatigue of the players. Uzi began to appear less frequently in matches and complained of body aches.

5-6 place in the spring and relegation in the first playoff match is not the result that RNG could count on, but still decent.

The veterans of the team began to leave the roster, and young talents came to replace them. In the summer it bore fruit and thanks to the second place the RNGs were able to go to another World Championship.

Royal Never Give Up group stage did not go further: after losing both matches to SKT T1, they took third place and took 9-12 places, earning $50,063 in prize money.

Royal Never Give Up Spring Split 2020 Starter Lineup

After the failure at the Worlds, the composition began to change even more. Although Uzi was announced as a substitute, he never played in any match in the spring split, and in June he retired as a player due to serious health problems.

RNG dropped to 7th-8th place and started searching for a new ideal line-up. In 2020, the organization was unable to climb 8th place, but the lockdown and hard training still paid off.

New Hope

Royal Never Give Up Lineup in Spring Split 2021

The new generation of RNG managed to surprise everyone in this spring split: the team overcame a difficult path in the playoffs and earned the right to travel to MSI 2021 in a dramatic final.

The roster also performed well on the international stage and earned an extra slot for China by winning the championship.

Royal Never Give Up - MSI Champions 2021!

RNG have almost guaranteed themselves a ticket to Worlds and are the top favorites in their region.


It was the amazing story of Royal Never Give Up. The story of a team that did not give up despite all the difficulties and returned to the top of the competitive scene.

See you at Summoner's Rift!