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April 4th, 2021

Rogue outplayed FC Schalke 04 at LEC Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

The first map was played in a confident style for Rogue. The setup of two AD carries was able to break through even such dense frontlaners as Alistair and Udyr. The team slowly gained the advantage and in a third dragon fight was able to realize its potential by erasing the S04 from Summoner's Rift.

On the second map, FC Schalke 04 took an excellent combination of ultimates, which helped them outplay the late game setup of the Rogue teams. For the first time, S04 managed to perfectly combine his skills in front of the third dragon at 23 minutes. After this fight, the German club brought the card to victory.

The third map had a very unusual top lane: Urgot vs. Wukong. Broken Blade has already outplayed Fnatic with this weapon and knows very well how to counter it, so at 8 minutes he solo kills Odoamne and reduces Rogue's early gold advantage. Then, at the 11th minute, Kalista is caught on a mistake: the Rogue ADC has been in unsafe territory for too long, having paid for it with his life. However, Hans Sama was able to flip this card in his team's favor, killing the opponent's ADC twice in a solo. The fight at the 31st minute was decisive, in which Rogue managed to trade 2 by 5 thanks to the competent actions of Urgot.

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In the decisive map, Summoner's Rift was visited by Kennen. Odoamne made a colossal impact on this champion, winning the game with a phenomenal burst of 21 minutes. After this fight, Rogue took the Baron away and ended the meeting in their favor.

3-1 for Rogue and they go to the final of the lower bracket of the playoffs, where they already await G2. FC Schalke 04 leave the tournament and earn $23,519 in prize money as well as 30 Worlds Regional Qualifier Points.

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