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April 10th, 2021

RNG defeated in a stubborn match TES: LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

Top Esports were able to gain an early advantage on the first map by killing Victor twice, but Hekarim soon brought the game back into balance. TES continued to press all lines and managed to take some towers. The game was coming to an end: Top Esports had the advantage and won the fights, but they gave up the Baron and the first map after him.

RNG started the second map better than the previous one, but despite this, the best farm from TES did not allow them to earn an early advantage. 369 was able to turn the game around in the 9th minute by making a quadrakill on Gnar and then plugging into every fight: a total of 7.8k gold advantage in 20 minutes and an easy win for Top Esports.

The third map turned out to be tense. knight on Akali did a lot of damage, but against Galio and his magic shields, it did little impact. The fight on the 23rd minute was decisive: RNG managed to trade 4 for 2 and, having gained an advantage, took Baron Nashor, where they were able to give 5 more kills.

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Lee Sin has appeared on the fourth map in Summoner's Rift. The Blind Monk made this game too easy for Top Esports, and the impact of his connection in an early 5v5 fight is hard to underestimate. JackeyLove on Varus gave out a colossal amount of damage under any control. 2-2 and the last chance to make it to the top 3.

The fifth card turned out to be very nervous. Despite the big advantage from Top Esports, they made several mistakes on neutral targets and lost their entire bottom lane along with the inhibitor. Royal Never Give Up 10 minutes tried to end the game in their favor and, forcing TES to go for the third elder dragon, they succeeded.

3-2 in favor of Royal Never Give Up and they advance to the final of the lower bracket. Top Esports leave the tournament in 4th place and earn $45,781 in prize money as well as 30 Worlds Regional Qualifier Points.

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