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April 13th, 2021

RNG advanced to the LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs Grand Final

Events on the first map began to gain momentum in the fifth minute: RNG were able to take the water dragon and first blood on Lillia, but EDG found an exchange. On the 8th minute, Royal Never Give Up gains the advantage by killing 3 EDG champions and Herald. RNG will take the first tower. The key was the fight for the fourth dragon: Wei perfectly allocates resources and takes Azir, as well as the mountain soul. Royal Never Give Up takes Baron Nashor and ends the first map in their favor after 6 minutes.

On the second map, both teams decided not to experiment with picks, and as a result, the 10 most popular champions of the last split were selected. EDward Gaming attempted to punish Udyr for farming their jungle, but made a mistake, giving 3 kills to the opposing team. RNG continued to cement their advantage on the map, taking neutral objects and taverns. The outcome of the game was decided in a fight on the 23rd minute, where the RNG were exchanged 3 for 1, which allowed them to go to Baron Nashor. 2-0 for Royal Never Give Up.

Scout played a huge role in the victory of his team on the third map: he was able to earn FB on Victor against Twisted Fate, help to exchange Gnar on the top and cause huge damage throughout the game. The key fight was at the 26th minute, where EDG made an ace, losing one support. Jiejie and his team took Baron Nashor, but RNG were not going to give up: they managed to give a great fight in 33 minutes and turn the game over to their side. The game ended at 37 minutes in favor of EDward Gaming due to poor positioning and the absence of Twisted Fate in the last fight.

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On the fourth map, EDG were able to earn FB, shifting the three of them to one Gnar. EDward Gaming continued to consolidate their advantage and by the 16th minute they had taken 2 towers and 6 kills. RNG tried to attack Tristana in front of the fifth dragon, but made a mistake and gave 2 kills, giving away only the support. RNG made an attempt to return to the game at 32 minutes, exchanging 3 on 1, and then taking Baron Nashor, but Jiejie masterfully sacrifices himself at 40 minutes, preventing the game from ending, and the next fight RNG make mistakes in macro and give 2 kills. The initiative again went to the side of EDward Gaming: they take the Elder Dragon, the third Baron Nashor and finish the map at 48 minutes.

The last map started ambiguously: Flandre was constantly suffering at the top, from constant ganks, but at the same time, Scout completely outplayed Cryin in mid. Jayce dies 4 times in 10 minutes and loses his tower, which greatly complicates the situation for his team. At the 16th minute, Corki finds a great use for his Explosion Pack and takes Syndra and his team, taking the RNG forward. The key fight becomes at the 29th minute, where Royal Never Give Up kill 4 opponents, take the dragon and Baron Nashor. They finish the game in 34 minutes.

3-2 for Royal Never Give Up and they advance to the grand final where they will face off against FunPlus Phoenix. EDward Gaming are ranked #3, earning $76,350 in prize money as well as 50 Worlds Regional Qualifier Points.

Watch the grand final on April 18 at 11:00 CET on the event page.