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April 21st, 2021

Riot Reveals Patch 11.9 Changelog

Patch 11.9 will be the last before MSI and will host the tournament, which means that we can already speculate about who will be the strongest in this meta.


Riot decided to buff the Moonstone Renewer a little, as the changes in the previous patch hit the popularity of the item too much. Death's Dance will now give 5 more Armor and Attack Damage for the same price, and Sunfire Aegis will deal more damage to jungle minions. It is possible that we will see the rise in popularity of Amumu, as he was the one who most often collected the Aegis in the preseason.



Despite the 11.8 boosts, Kindred's winrate still dropped. Riot Games decided to fix this and reduce the cooldown of Q of the skill, as well as increase its damage. Shen's Shield Health will be reworked to also be based on the Champion's own bonus health. Xerath will deal more damage with Q and W skills, and Tarik will have the opportunity to heal his allies more often due to a decrease in heal mana cost. Lulu has received a significant buff: now she will be able to increase the attack speed of allied champions not by a certain amount, but by a percentage. Greatly increased the slow of Trundle's E skill at the beginning of the game. Sett will deal more damage with the W skill, and Kayn in red form will receive a significant increase in damage with the Q skill.


Turbo Chemtank and Deadman's Plate are weakened again. This is due to the fact that despite the 11.8 nerfs, these two items are still extremely popular with most champions.



The developers have nerfed Hecarim a lot, reducing his survivability in fights. Morgana will reduce damage against jungle minions, and Diana will have basic attributes such as armor per level, base HP regen and bonus attack speed reduced. Rumble will lose several points of damage from the passive, Vladimir will cast his Q skill less often and Gragas will deal less damage from his dash. Heimerdinger will be weakened by his W skill, and Garen will now stack maximum resistance longer.


You will be able to see the new patch in action already on May 6 on MSI, and a detailed list of changes can be found on the developers' twitter.