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May 16th, 2021

Results of the second day of the Rumble Stage MSI 2021

In the first match, Pentanet.GG and Royal Never Give Up met. The Australians decided to surprise the RNG and swap the lanes at the beginning of the game, but that didn't help: the Chinese, as in the group stage, were trite stronger than their opponents.

Royal Never Give Up finished the game in their favor in 29 minutes.

Next, C9 tried to repeat the success of the group stage and again beat DAMWON KIA. From the start of the game, the American squad seized the initiative on the map, gradually increasing their advantage. They took three dragons and the same number of towers, but DWG was not going to just give up: they carefully took every fight, and tried to get out of a very difficult situation, which they did. The world champions turn the game around in 34 minutes.

The game of MAD Lions against Royal Never Give Up went very calmly: in the first 16 minutes of the game, only first blood was shed, but in the fight for the second Herald, events began to develop extremely rapidly.

After a pause, Armut managed to make an unofficial quadrakill, but the RNGs were still one step ahead of their opponent. The Chinese farmed more, stretched MAD Lions around the map and carried out fights almost flawlessly. RNGs win in 36 minutes.

C9, 0-3, tried to rectify their position in the match against PSG Talon. Blaber strongly interfered with the toplainer of the enemy team at the beginning of the game and helped to get the initial advantage, but, as in the match with DAMWON KIA, Cloud9 could not convert it into a victory: this time, Blaber, the team's jungler, played badly again.

As a result, C9 lose in 29 minutes and their game statistics become 0-4.

Not for long, the American team was alone in last place, an hour later they were joined by Pentanet.GG: DAMWON KIA in 19 minutes swept the Australians from the Summoner's Rift and strengthened their position on the second line of the tournament table.

In the last match of the day, the MAD Lions played against the PSG Talon. The European team was slightly better in all aspects of the game, which was reflected on the scoreboard in the form of an advantage in gold and towers. However, the squad from the Pacific region did not think to give up just like that: PSG Talon made a lot of competent moves, picking up kills, but this did not help them to win.

MAD Lions win the toughest match in 35 minutes.

Tournament table

Tournament table

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