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April 15th, 2021

Results of the first day of the European Masters 2021 group stage

FC Schalke 04 Evolution vs BT Excel

It was a fairly simple game for the German team: the FB earned for the mid lane, the death of the enemy forester, and that's just the beginning. Udyr put a lot of pressure on the top lane, preventing Gnar from getting farm, and Ryze, thanks to the First Blood, got his items early and Sylas could not oppose him. S04E increased their advantage and finished the game in their favor on the 27th minute.

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Karmine Corp vs Cream Real Betis

The French had an initial farming advantage, but gave it up after an unnecessary fight for the first Herald. Cream Real Betis did not use their power in early fights and at the 17th minute, Karmine Corp returned to the game, killing 2 enemy champions without trade. Then BTS makes mistakes in macro several times and gives 2 more kills, and as a result of the fight, at 23 minutes, they give up the soul of a mountain dragon. Karmine Corp picks up the game in 30 minutes.

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mousesports vs Macko Esports

The game for the Gadget team started extremely badly: Nocturne makes mistakes when returning to the lane from the river, and in an early fight to mid lane, Leona dies without exchange. During this time, the Gadget on Ezreal continued to build up his power. mousesports managed to carry out some gambit: teammates prioritize other lanes and sacrifice themselves while Ezreal buys items and gets stronger. Gadget plays a huge role in the fight at the 27th minute, restoring the equality in the game. The fight was decisive in the 39th minute, when Macko Esports decided to leave their base in order to try to steal the Elder Dragon, but they did not succeed.

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Illuminar Gaming vs UCAM Esports Club

The game did not go according to the plan of the Poles from the very beginning: they gave away the FB and the first two dragons. Illuminar were able to partially rehabilitate themselves, killing Gnar in the 12th minute, and two keels on ADC and Support of the Spanish club helped to restore equality in gold. Gangplank makes a big mistake in the fight for the third dragon and UCAM is taking the lead again. At minute 23, they gain the soul of a mountain dragon, but they spend 3 champions. Both teams had their finger on the pulse and all subsequent exchanges were equal, but Gnar won the game for his team with a gorgeous breakthrough on 28 minutes.

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AGO Rogue vs Suppup eSports

AGO Rogue with the new roster defends the title of the winners of the summer split, let's see if they succeed. On the 4th minute they very successfully exchange on the lower river crab 2 to 0. The Poles continue to build up their advantage, converting Herold into the destroyed tower on the top. Suppup take Gangplank 3 times in a row, this does not change much the state of affairs on the map, but at the 18th minute they find a successful 4v2 fight. Gangplank is taken 4 times, but Tristana exchanges it in Taam Kencha. The Serbs take Baron Nashor on 26 minutes, but do not show any initiative with him. AGO Rogue returns to the game, killing Jinx, Taam Kench and Cho'Gath, and two minutes later they again take back 2 enemy champions. The Poles finish the game at 39 minutes after another successful fight.

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Misfits Premier vs G2 Arctic

The Misfits start the game with total domination on the map: 2-0 and 2k gold advantage at 6 minutes. G2 tried to fix the situation, but only made the situation worse. With the murder of Efias and Supa, the French began to lead almost 6 thousand. During the entire game, G2 Arctic managed to make only 3 keels, while giving away 17. Misfits win in 22 minutes.

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Standings after the first day of the tournament

Standings after the first day of the tournament

2 out of 3 Spanish teams failed, and Germany and France were able to show good performance on the first day. Among the losing teams, Macko Esports and Suppup eSports can be noted: although they did not manage to win, they were able to give a good fight to their rivals.