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April 1st, 2021

Rare Atom beat IG sensationally at LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

On the first map, the initiative was completely in the hands of Invictus Gaming. XUN on Nidalee was able to help on all lanes and earn an advantage, but one unsuccessful fight on the second baron sealed the fate of the game and Rare Atom came out victorious.

The second card was the opposite of the first. Now Rare Atom seized the advantage from the very beginning, but they took a bad position in front of the 5th dragon, splitting across the map, and it was not a problem for IG to pick up the lone targets, pick up the dragon and then the baron. The score now stands at 1-1.

The third map was very tenacious and even though TheShy's Renekton was stronger on the lane, Rare Atom's Aatrox was stronger in fights, besides, the wrong swing from Varus gave time and an advantage to the stronger hypercarry in this patch - Jinx.

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On the fourth map, Summoner's Rift was visited by Draven. This champion was the perfect answer to Aphelios with a lower damage start. A brilliant executioner with spinning axes executed Rare Atom and put the game on a decisive map.

The last card became the IBoy benefit performance. Leading 6 thousand gold and taking the baron, IG are greatly mistaken with the focus of the target when entering the highgronud and Xayah shoots the entire enemy team. IG could not give an equal fight and Rare Atom moved on.

RA will face FPX in the 1/8 finals and Invictus Gaming are eliminated from the trophy battle.

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