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March 23rd, 2021

"Preparing for the Storm" - A Week at Summoner's Rift

In the Continental League, all the participants in the playoffs have been determined a week before the end of the group stage, T1 is striving for the upper bracket, and the finals of America and Europe will be played in the studio. About all this and not only further.

LoL Pro League

Top Esports, JD Gaming and Suning secured their spots in the spring split playoffs. Participants of last year's Worlds from China, almost in full force, were able to qualify for the final stage.

FunPlus Phoenix still cannot find their optimal shape and, most likely, will start their journey from the "King of the Hill" stage. According to the results of the past week, the team dropped by 2 positions. Since week 5 FPX have lost 5 places in the leaderboard.

Rare Atom also lost ground. Climbing high to the middle of the split, they were unable to maintain their optimal shape. In one week, they dropped 3 lines, which greatly weakens their position in the elimination matches.

Four teams claim the last two places in the final stage of the split: Invictus Gaming, LNG Esports, Bilibili Gaming and Victory Five.

LPL standings before the last week of the group stage

LPL standings before the last week of the group stage

LoL Champions Korea

T1 are moving up one line in the standings and still have a chance to reach the playoffs from the second line, which will help them a lot, since the 1st and 2nd places of the group stage play for the match less. So far, only DAMWON KIA has secured this privilege. Gen.G still has a chance to rank lower.

Afreeca Freecs lost both matches this week and were eliminated from the battle for the final stage, and 4 teams are competing for the last slot at once.

LCS standings before the last week of the group stage

LCS standings before the last week of the group stage

LoL Championship Series

Last weekend, the first round of the Upper Playoff Bracket took place in America. Cloud9 and Team Liquid defeated 100 Thieves and TSM respectively and will now fight each other for the right to advance to the grand final.

100T will face Dignitas and TSM will face off against Evil Geniuses.

LCS Mid-Season Showdown Playoff Bracket

LCS Mid-Season Showdown Playoff Bracket

LoL Continental League

As expected, 3 slots in the playoffs were taken by UOL, Crow Crowd and Gambit Esports.

Nomanz highlighted the entire split: with the help of Orianna's ult, he was able to pull off all enemy champions and earn an ace for his team.

Also, Unicorns Of Love took advantage of the fact that OBG stumbled in the match against Gambit and now take the first place again, but not alone.

LCL bracket before the last week of the group stage

LCL bracket before the last week of the group stage

League News

Gadget, a former UOL player, took second place with the mousesports team at the Prime League Spring 2021. The team lost 1-3 to the BIG team in the final and earned a slot in the EU Masters.

On reddit, a thread about Viego's great strength received tremendous power. This champion makes mid lane mages unbearable. Perhaps we will see some weakening for him as a mid lane.

Also from the creator of "Incapacitated Yasuo" we present you "Axe-Draven".

The game operator for League Of Legends in the Philippines is Garena, who turns out to be tricking her users by selling them icons disguised as skins. You can read more about this in the corresponding thread.

Good news for fans of European and American teams, the lower bracket finals and the grand finals of these two regions will be played in the studios. It is not yet known whether the press will be allowed to attend the matches.


The last week of the group stage in China, Korea and the CIS has already begun. You can follow the decisive games on the event page.

See you at the Rift!