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June 3rd, 2021

Predicts on Wildcard for Weplay Animajor 2021 - second game day

Predictions for the matches of the second game day of the Wildcard stage for Weplay Animajor 2021. Let's touch on the fights with the participation of Team Secret, Execration, Vici Gaming, ASM.GMB, Nigma and iG.

14:00 - Team Secret vs. Execration @ BO2


Team Secret drew with ASM.GMB and Vici Gaming during the first game day. It can be seen that the guys are not in optimal shape, Nisha plays cool, but MATUMBAMAN sometimes makes cardinal mistakes.

Execration parted ways with Vici Gaming, iG and ASM.GMB, they have completely different drafts and completely different heroes.

Most likely, there will be a draw! Bookmakers give odds of 1.612 for Team Secret, 3.172 for a draw and 10 for Execration.

Prediction: draw in the match Team Secret vs Execration - odds 3.172

14:00 - Vici Gaming vs. ASM.GMB @ BO2


ASM.GMB played quite unexpectedly and pleased with their results. They have draws with Execration and Team Secret, but defeat by Nigma. By the way, they gave the second map with Nigma, although they had every opportunity to win there.

Vici Gaming parted ways with Nigma, Team Secret and Execration. So far, I don't really like Vici's game, but in the match with ASM.GMB I want to believe in the Chinese team.

Bookmakers give odds of 1.704 for Vici Gaming, 3.128 for a draw and 8 for ASM.GMB.

Prediction: Vici Gaming's victory against ASM.GMB - odds 1.704

16:00 - Nigma vs. Execration @ BO2


Execration will come up to this match after the duel with Team Secret, they will obviously be called out, and for Nigma the match with the Filipinos will be the first for today. Nigma should be wary of their IO, Nature's Prophet, Dark Seer and Lycan from iLTW.

Bookmakers give 1.944 odds for Nigma, 2.59 for a draw and 7.6 for Execration. We advise you to believe in a draw - 1:1.

Prediction: draw in the game Nigma vs Execration - odds 2.59

16:00 - Vici Gaming vs. iG @ BO2


Vici Gaming will start the game day with a match against ASM.GMB, where they are likely to win, and accordingly will approach the games in a good mood. IG won't have games before Vici.

iG defeated Nigma yesterday quite unexpectedly with a substitution, but drew with Execration.

Bookmakers give odds of 2.835 for Vici Gaming, 2.31 for a draw and 4.06 for iG. Since such nice quotes on iG, we advise you to believe in them. Vici are not very cool.

Prediction: iG will outplay Vici Gaming - odds 4.06

In the second part, there will be predicts for games:

  • ASM.GMB vs iG
  • Team Secret vs. Nigma
  • iG vs. Team Secret