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June 1st, 2021

Predicts on Weplay Animajor 2021 - Part One!

Predictions for the first line of Wildcard matches for Weplay Animajor 2021.

It should be noted right away that only two teams were rearranged: iG and ASM.GMB.

No[O]ne and SoNNeikO left ASM.GMB after the end of the second DPC season. Gambits will be forced to play with Lorenof in the mid and 633 in the five.

Champions of the previous Major - iG will play with a substitution. Oli has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus. Instead, their coach will be super on the top five.

14:00 - Team Secret vs. ASM.GMB @ BO2

Puppey.jpegAn easy win for Team Secret?

Secret have already guaranteed themselves a place at The International 10, ASM.GMB are forced to play with two substitutions. I absolutely cannot believe in the guys from the CIS, since they do not have their own roster, but the first match with the grandee in the person of the Secret. It is not yet clear what both teams are playing, since the teams did not hold official matches for about 2 weeks and the 7.29c patch was released.

Bookmakers give 13 odds on ASM.GMB, the draw was estimated at 4.16 and 1.26 on Team Secret.

Predict: Team Secret will won ASM.GMB - odds 1.26

16:00 - iG vs. Execration @ BO2

iG.jpegiG heading for the next championship?

iG with a substitute on the top five, it shouldn't affect the match with the Filipinos, but it will be very difficult for them with teams like Vici Gaming and Team Secret. Execration as an outsider. The Southeast Asia region is clearly weaker than China.

Bookmakers give the odds 8.4 for Execration, 1.562 for iG, and a draw at 2.924.

Predict: an easy win for iG - odds 1.562

18:00 - ASM.GMB vs. Execration @ BO2

ImmersionASMGMB.jpegWill ASM.GMB play under the direction of Immersion?

ASM.GMB specifically with Execration can cling to important points. As a reminder, Gambit got into the tournament with the help of unsuccessful NAVI games against PuckChamp and Team Unique. Execration played a replay with fnatic, where they managed to defeat the Southeast Asia region with the CIS, they are quite similar, the level of the teams is close.

It seems to us that the substitutions will affect the ASM.GMB result, but they may well squeeze one map.

Bookmakers give 3.24 odds on ASM.GMB, the draw was estimated at 2.142, and Execration's defeat was 3.005.

Predict: draw in the match ASM.GMB vs Execration - odds 2.142

20:00 - Team Secret vs. Vici Gaming @ BO2

vicigaming.jpegCan Vici Gaming beat Team Secret?

The main contenders for the passage to the group stage. I believe in a draw, but it is very important for Vici Gaming to get into the groups, as their place in The International 10 is not guaranteed, compared to Team Secret.

Most likely, Vici Gaming will cling to victory more, and the Secrets can even approach the game in a very relaxed way.

We believe in Vici Gaming's victory, but we tend to draw more. Bookmakers give odds of 3.36 for Vici Gaming, 2.175 for a draw and 2.93 for Team Secret.

Predict: a draw in the match Vici Gaming vs Team Secret - odds 2.175

In the near future, there will be predictions for the second line of Wildcard matches for Weplay Animajor 2021, which will also take place on June 2.