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June 2nd, 2021

Predicts for Weplay Animajor 2021 - part two!

The second part of the predictions for the Wildcard stage matches for Weplay Animajor 2021. Predictions for the fights that were not included in the first part.

13:00 CET - Vici Gaming vs. Nigma @ BO2


For both teams, this is an opening match, the Chinese teams have recently arrived on a private flight, and Nigma has been in Kiev for quite some time. We are leaning more towards Vici Gaming's victory, but Nigma's chance to take at least 1 card is very great.

Bookmakers give 2.588 odds on Vici, 4.54 on Nigma. The draw is estimated at 2.352.

Prediction: Vici Gaming will draw with Nigma - odds 2.352

15:00 - ASM.GMB vs Nigma @ BO2


Another interesting match awaits us with the participation of Nigma. ASM.GMB is coming to this game after a duel with Team Secret, while Nigma played with Vici Gaming.

Let us remind you that ASM.GMB plays with two substitutions, 633 on the five and Lorenof in the mid. Unfortunately, we absolutely do not believe in Gambit and therefore the preference here is clearly on Nigma.

Bookmakers give odds of 11.5 for ASM.GMB and 1.384 for Nigma. The draw is estimated at 4.46.

Prediction: Nigma will easily beat ASM.GMB - odds 1.384 


19:00 CET - iG vs Nigma @ BO2


Nigma has another match, before this fight they seem to have a 2:00 window where they can discuss their games with Vici Gaming and ASM.GMB, thus, more time to prepare specifically for iG.

IG are forced to play with a substitute, their coach is super in the top five, and Oli is coronavirus. The Chinese team will have a game with Execration before this match.

Bookmakers give odds of 2.895 for iG and 3.98 for Nigma. The draw is estimated at 2.302. Most likely, the teams will go their separate ways, but you need to see the results of previous games.

Prediction: iG and Nigma will draw - odds 2.302

19:00 CET - Vici Gaming vs. Execration @ BO2


Vici Gaming will come to the final match of the game day after the fights with Nigma and Team Secret. Execration will play with iG and ASM.GMB before that.

It is unlikely that the Filipinos will show anything against Vici and, in particular, with this Wildcard, we are inclined towards a confident victory for the Chinese.

Bookmakers give odds of 1.285 for Vici Gaming, 5.2 for a draw and 16 for Execration.

Prediction: Vici Gaming's easy victory over Execration - odds 1.285