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June 3rd, 2021

Predicts for the latest Wildcard matches for Weplay Animajor 2021

Predictions for the possible last three matches of the Wildcard stage by Weplay Animajor 2021, which were not included in the morning predictions.

18:00 - Team Secret vs. Nigma @ BO2

European derby featuring Team Secret and Nigma. The Secrets have already played a draw with Execration today, and Nigma is fighting the Filipinos right now. From what we have seen, Team Secret has problems with drafts and is constantly giving up cards.

Bookmakers give odds of 3.28 for Team Secret, 2.084 for a draw and 4.02 for Nigma. The most important game for both teams, in fact, for reaching the group stage.

Prediction: Team Secret and Nigma will draw - odds 2.084

18:00 - ASM.GMB vs. iG @ BO2

As expected, ASM.GMB failed today against Vici Gaming, and Vici is currently being fought by iG. The Chinese are clearly stronger than the team from the CIS and the Gambits are unlikely to be able to impose at least some kind of game on them, although they have good drafts, but the performance from dream` leaves much to be desired.

Bookmakers give 1.672 odds on iG, draws are estimated at 3.12 and 8.8 on ASM.GMB. I can't believe in Gambit and therefore we advise you to bet on the Chinese team.

Prediction: iG will beat ASM.GMB - odds 1.672

20:00 - iG vs. Team Secret @ BO2

Much will depend on the matches between iG and Vici Gaming with ASM.GMB, as well as Team Secret with Nigma. Continuing to force that Secret has obscure drafts with the Hoodwink Five. Team Secret can quite realistically complete their path in the tournament at the Wildcard stage.

Bookmakers give 4.16 odds on iG, a draw is estimated at 2.172 and Team Secret's victory at 3.024.

Prediction: iG will win Team Secret - odds 4.16

We are expecting the end of the Wildcard stage, which will determine 2 teams for the Weplay Animajor 2021 group stage.