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June 6th, 2021

Predicts for the group Weplay Animajor 2021 - third day (2nd part)

The second part of the predictions for the third day of the group stage Weplay Animajor 2021. If you suddenly missed it - the morning predictions for the matches.

17:00 CET - Team Spirit vs. beastcoast @ BO2


beastcoast started today with a defeat from Vici Gaming with a score of 0: 2, but yesterday the Spirits were able to squeeze out the cards from PSG.LGD and Vici. The Peruvians are now out of shape and the main contenders to be eliminated from the group stage.

Bookmakers: 2.825 on Team Spirit, draw valued at 2.235 and beastcoast success at 4.36.

Predict: Team Spirit and beastcoast will draw - odds 2.235

17:00 CET - TNC Predator vs. Team Liquid @ BO2


TNC Predator kicked off today with a defeat to PSG.LGD. Team Liquid beat many on KV, but they fail to show results in this tournament. Perhaps it's because of strong opponents, but TNC they simply have to win.

TNC play very weakly and will not be able to squeeze even 1 map from Team Liquid.

Bookmakers: 3.52 at TNC Predator, draw at 2.39 and 3.035 at Team Liquid

Predict: Team Liquid will outplay TNC Predator - odds 3.035

19:00 CET - Evil Geniuses vs. Nigma @ BO2


Evil Geniuses is now playing with PSG.LGD, and Nigma played very cool on the first map with Vici Gaming. Both teams rate Dragon Knight hard, both teams have a good understanding of the meta.

EG have not lost a single game yet, they have 3 draws and 1 win over TNC Predator.

Bookmakers: 3.11 at EG, draw at 2.13 and 4.16 at Nigma

Predict: Nigma will outplay Evil Geniuses - odds 4.16

19:00 CET - Team Liquid vs. Team Spirit @ BO2


Team Spirit will play beastcoast today and Team Liquid will play TNC Predator. Liquids lost only to strong rivals, and therefore conclusions should not be drawn based on those results. The spirits play quite well too. We are expecting a great match, much will depend on the individual form.

Bookmakers: 3.24 at Team Liquid, draw at 2.12 and 3.98 at Team Spirit

Predict: Team Liquid will win Team Spirit - odds 3.24