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June 10th, 2021

Predictions on play-off Weplay Animajor 2021 - Day Two!

The playoffs of Weplay Animajor 2021 continues, this time, the lower bracket and 4 teams are eliminated at the end of today's game day.

11:00 CET - Team Aster vs. TNC Predator @ BO3


Again a morning match and again for Team Aster a team from Southeast Asia. Yesterday they lost to T1 sensationally to some extent, a lot was decided there at the draft stage, perhaps Team Aster underestimated their opponent a little. Aster is still contenders for the championship and one game does not say anything.

Bookmakers: 1.85 on Team Aster and 2.036 on TNC Predator

Predict: Easy win for Team Aster against TNC Predator at Weplay Animajor 2021 - odds 1.85

14:00 CET - Alliance vs. Team Spirit @ BO3


Alliance lost yesterday without much chance to PSG.LGD, and Team Spirit should have rallied as a team, after the replay with Team Liquid. By the way, the Spirit players said a lot that they could beat Alliance, a good opportunity to prove everything today.

Bookmakers: 1.692 on Alliance, 2.27 on Team Spirit

Predict: Alliance will outplay Team Spirit at Weplay Animajor 2021 - odds 1.692

17:00 CET - Vici Gaming vs. Virtus.pro @ BO3


Vici Gaming was a little short of the upper bracket of the playoffs, they were outstripped by the Nigma team, but the Chinese team is playing well in this championship, reached the playoffs from the Wildcard stage. Virtus.pro lost yesterday to Nigma and once again proved that they play much worse on LAN than online. They make a lot of mistakes, this is especially noticeable in the game of DM. We hope Virtus.pro will want to beat Vici Gaming and advance further to Weplay Animajor 2021.

Bookmakers: 2.136 on Virtus.pro and 1.775 on Vici Gaming

Predict: Vici Gaming will beat Virtus.pro at Weplay Animajor 2021 - odds 1.775

20:00 CET - NoPing e-sports vs Evil Geniuses @ BO3


The least interesting match of the day, NoPing e-sports will again play against a team from North America, this time Evil Geniuses. Yesterday NoPing lost to Quincy Crew with a score of 1:2, they managed to squeeze out one map, as QC had no idea what the team from South America was playing. EG had a pause of a couple of days after the group and clearly watched the match with NoPing, Fly should work out some strategies against them and easily win this confrontation.

Bookmakers: 1.165 at Evil Geniuses and 5.75 at NoPing e-sports. We advise you to believe in 2:0 from EG.

Predict: EG will outplay NoPing e-sports with a score of 2:0 - odds 1.61