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June 12th, 2021

Predictions on play-off Weplay Animajor 2021 - Day Four!

The penultimate day of Weplay Animajor 2021, today 4 BO3 series awaits us, three teams will fly out and top-3 will be formed. We present to your attention the predictions for today's matches.

11:00 CET - Evil Geniuses vs. Nigma @ BO3


Evil Geniuses beat TNC Predator 2:1 yesterday, while Nigma lost to PSG.LGD 1:2. Nigma has no particular weaknesses, they are good at building their drafts, while Evil Geniuses have Arteezy, who can throw at any moment, and iceiceice, who is also not very stable.

Evil Geniuses should be wary of their pool of heroes on the four for Cr1t-, like Hoodwink / Earth Spirit, and definitely not worth giving away Wintern Wyvern. To be honest, we do not see the hands in which Evil Geniuses will defeat Nigma today.

Bookmakers: 1.468 on Nigma and 2.862 on Evil Geniuses

Predict: Nigma will easily beat Evil Geniuses at Weplay Animajor 2021 - odds 1.468

14:00 CET - Quincy Crew vs. Vici Gaming @ BO3


Vici Gaming confidently walked through the CIS region in the playoffs, first knocked out Virtus.pro 2:1, and then dealt with Team Spirit 2:0. Quincy Crew, on the other hand, started their journey from the upper bracket, were able to beat weak NoPing e-sports there, but then lost to T1, although they started with a victory on the first map.

Quincy Crew obviously shouldn't go further here, Vici Gaming got in shape during the tournament and deserve to be in the top three.

Bookmakers: 3.74 at Quincy Crew and 1.308 at Vici Gaming

Predict: Vici Gaming will beat Quincy Crew 2:0 at Weplay Animajor 2021 - odds 1.97

20:00 CET - PSG.LGD vs. T1 @ BO3


PSG.LGD and T1 are unbeaten in this championship. The Chinese are playing from the group stage, and T1 started their journey right from the playoffs.

PSG.LGD defeated Alliance and Nigma in the playoffs, while T1 outplayed Quincy Crew and Team Aster. Don't underestimate T1, you need to ban them: Phantom Lancer / Morphling / Broodmother and build your drafts from this. According to PSG.LGD, a lot of them are built on the basis of the individual form of the players, and not drafts.

Bookmakers: 1.285 on PSG.LGD and 3.94 on T1

Predict: PSG.LGD will beat T1 2:0 at Weplay Animajor 2021 - odds 1.76