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June 7th, 2021

Predictions on groups Weplay Animajor 2021 - Final Day!

Predictions for the final game day of the group stage Weplay Animajor 2021. PSG.LGD guaranteed themselves the upper bracket of the playoffs, Team Spirit and beastcoast ended up in the relegation zone.

13:00 - PSG.LGD vs. Vici Gaming @ BO2


The match has no tournament value for PSG.LGD, they can play for fun and, in principle, should play so as not to show some heroes and additional strategies before the playoffs.

Bookmakers: 3.52 for PSG.LGD, 3.74 for Vici Gaming and 2.075 for a draw.

Predict: Vici Gaming will outplay PSG.LGD - odds 3.74

15:00 - TNC Predator vs. Team Spirit @ BO2


An important game for Team Spirit if they want to advance to the playoffs, they need to beat TNC Predator 2:0. The Filipinos are now sharing the 4th line with Evil Geniuses, they have 6 won cards and 6 lost cards. Yesterday they lost to PSG.LGD and tied with Team Liquid.

Bookmakers: 4.48 for Team Spirit, 2.92 for TNC Predator, 2.148 for a draw.

Predict: Team Spirit will draw with TNC Predator - odds 2.148

17:00 - Nigma vs. beastcoast @ BO2


Nigma is now in second place and one step away from the upper bracket of the playoffs, their fate depends on the PSG.LGD - Vici Gaming match. beastcoast in the relegation zone and take the last place, 3 defeats and 3 draws from them. They have good drafts, but they cannot implement them. It is hard to imagine what would have to happen for the Peruvians to wring out even one card.

By the way, if Nigma wins 2:0 against beastcoast, then it guarantees itself the upper bracket and the match Vici Gaming - PSG.LGD will not matter.

Bookmakers: 2.022 on Nigma, 2.615 on a draw and 6.45 on beastcoast

Predict: Nigma will outplay beastcoast at Weplay Animajor 2021 - odds 2.022

19:00 - Evil Geniuses vs. Team Liquid @ BO2


Evil Geniuses are definitely in the playoffs, they can lose 0:2 and will still advance to the next stage, they will obviously start from the lower bracket and therefore there is no point in showing any strategies. Team Liquid, on the other hand, have a much worse situation, their fate is in the hands of Team Spirit and beastcoast, if these teams lose their matches, and Liquid wrestle at least 1 map, then they will pass.

Bookmakers: 2.238 for Evil Geniuses, 2.39 for a draw and 6 for Team Liquid.

Predict: Evil Geniuses will draw with Team Liquid - odds 2.39