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June 5th, 2021

Predictions on group stage Weplay Animajor 2021 - Part Two!

The second part of the predictions for Weplay Animajor 2021, the games are held within the group stage.

18:00 - Team Spirit vs. PSG.LGD @ BO2


PSG.LGD haven't played today yet while Team Spirit had a very difficult match with Vici Gaming. The Spiritualists were able to squeeze the card out at the expense of Phantom Lancer, but the Chinese were even able to turn it over there. Team Spirit's play is unreliable, but they draft well and sometimes execute.

Bookmakers: 1.91 on PSG.LGD; 8.1 on Team Spirit, draw value 2.6

Prediction: PSG.LGD will outplay Team Spirit - odds 1.91

18:00 - Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses @ BO2


Both teams play ultra unstable, in terms of execution, teams are about the same level, a lot will be decided in a duel between Abed and Ori, poyoyo is weaker than Arteezy, but old eLeVeN is stronger than iceiceice. We advise you to believe in a draw in this match!

Bookmakers: 3.92 for Vici Gaming, 2.085 for a draw and 3.36 for Evil Geniuses. Both teams are not credible and therefore we believe in 1:1.

Prediction: draw between Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses - odds 2.085

20:00 - PSG.LGD vs. Team Liquid @ BO2


PSG.LGD will play with Team Spirit today and it is necessary to draw conclusions on their play after this match. Team Liquid has also started a match with Nigma, rates Oracle and Leshrac. It seems to us that Liquids have a narrow pool of heroes and this will be a clear weakness against PSG.LGD.

Bookmakers: 2.61 on PSG.LGD, 2.17 on a draw and 5.3 on Team Liquid

Prediction: PSG.LGD will easily beat Team Liquid - odds 2.61

20:00 - Nigma vs. TNC Predator @ BO2


Nigma is currently playing with Team Liquid and TNC with beastcoast. Most likely, the European team will win, the Filipinos look like the main contenders for the exit from the group stage. We believe more in Nigma.

Bookmakers: Nigma win 1.984, draw 2.48 and TNC Predator win 8

Prediction: Nigma will outplay TNC Predator - odds 1.984