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June 4th, 2021

Predictions on group stage Weplay Animajor 2021 - Part Two!

The second part of the predictions for the group stage Weplay Animajor 2021 with the participation of Nigma, Vici Gaming, Team Liquid, Team Spirit, PSG.LGD and TNC Predator.

18:30 - Vici Gaming vs. Team Liquid @ BO2


Team Liquid drew with beastcoast and now have about 2 hours of preparation for Vici Gaming. The Chinese will start the game day with a match with the Liquidates.

Vici Gaming could show a lot in Wildcard, they often play with Faceless Void and many strategies around this hero.

The Liquid played twice today against Oracle and Templar Assasin, Bristleback in the easy.

Bookmakers: 2.856 for Vici Gaming, 2.232 for a draw and 4.28 for Team Liquid.

Prediction: a draw in the match between Vici Gaming and Team Liquid - odds 2.232

18:30 - Nigma vs. PSG.LGD @ BO2


PSG.LGD will now play with beastcoast, and Nigma played the hardest game with iG last night. Nigma's Miracle got in shape, his performance on Invoker, Morphling and Puck is just something.

PSG.LGD are contenders for victory in the group stage and advancement to the upper bracket.

Bookmakers: 2.918 on PSG.LGD, 2.11 for a draw and 4.66 for Nigma.

Prediction: PSG.LGD will beat Nigma - odds 2.918

20:00 - Nigma vs. Team Spirit @ BO2


We wrote about the game of the teams earlier, it is worth evaluating the results of Nigma against PSG.LGD and Team Spirit against Evil Geniuses, and then drawing conclusions.

Both teams showed the best heroes and main strategies, Nigma at Wildcard, and Team Spirit at Pinnacle Cup 2021.

Most likely, there will be a draw. Bookmakers give odds of 2.584 for Nigma, 2.175 for a draw and 5.4 for Team Spirit.

Prediction: draw in the match Nigma between Team Spirit - odds 2.175

20:00 - Vici Gaming vs. TNC Predator @ BO2


TNC Predator kicked off the championship with a defeat to Evil Geniuses. Filipinos highly rate Lion, Bristleback, Dark Seer, Night Stalker, Specter. The first map with EG ended without a chance, and on the second they were able to compete and the game lasted about 49 minutes.

Trust in Vici Gaming versus TNC Predator, the Filipinos haven't changed drafts much after the Southeast Asia season.

Bookmakers: 1.93 for Vici Gaming, 2.535 for a draw and 8.4 for TNC Predator.

Prediction: Vici Gaming will beat TNC Predator - odds 1.93