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June 6th, 2021

Predictions on group stage Weplay Animajor 2021 - Day Three!

Predictions for the group stage of Weplay Animajor 2021 today. The home stretch, many teams guarantee their place in the playoffs today.

14:00 - TNC Predator vs. PSG.LGD @ BO2


TNC Predator, after an unsuccessful first day, rehabilitated in the second and passed it without defeat. Outplayed beastcoast and Nigma, they should be wary of Magnus in the carry and Templar Assasin in the mid.

PSG.LGD in the role of favorites, the main contenders for the exit from the group. Yesterday they were able to beat Team Liquid and gave away the Team Spirit map.

Bookmakers: 6.85 on TNC Predator, 2.488 on a draw and 2.068 on PSG.LGD

Predict: PSG.LGD will outplay TNC Predator - odds 2.068 

14:00 - beastcoast vs. Vici Gaming @ BO2


beastcoast have good drafts, but they can't be implemented. They played two games yesterday, lost to TNC Predator, but took 1 map from Evil Geniuses. Vici Gaming also played 2 matches where they drew with Evil Geniuses and Team Spirit.

On paper, Vici Gaming looks clearly stronger than beastcoast, but I want to believe in the Peruvians, at least on one map. If beastcoast lose two games today, they are the top contenders to be eliminated from the group.

Bookmakers: 8 for beastcoast, 2.65 for a draw and 1.885 for Vici Gaming

Predict: draw in the match beastcoast vs Vici Gaming - odds 2.65

16:00 - PSG.LGD vs. Evil Geniuses @ BO2


An interesting game awaits us, both teams are in the leaders of the tournament table and, in fact, play for the upper bracket of the playoffs.

PSG.LGD will play against TNC Predator today, and this is the first game for EG.

Bookmakers: 3.22 at PSG.LGD, draw is estimated at 2.088, and victory for Evil Geniuses at 4.12

Predict: draw in the match PSG.LGD vs EG - odds 2.088

16:00 - Vici Gaming vs Nigma @ BO2


Both teams are very volatile, Nigma has good drafts and Vici Gaming often plays the same thing. Vici drew with Team Spirit and Evil Geniuses yesterday, while Nigma defeated Team Liquid, but unexpectedly lost to TNC Predator.

Bookmakers: 3.52 at Vici Gaming; 2.075 for a draw and 3.74 for Nigma

Predict: draw in the match Vici Gaming vs Nigma - odds 2.075

Predictions for the remaining matches of the third day of the Weplay Animajor 2021 group stage are coming soon.