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June 5th, 2021

Predictions on group stage of Weplay Animajor 2021 - Day Two!

The second game day of the Weplay Animajor 2021 group stage and new predictions for today. Who can surprise, and who, on the contrary, disappoint?

13:00 CET - Evil Geniuses vs. beastcoast @ BO2


EG defeated TNC Predator and drew Team Spirit. beastcoast lost to PSG.LGD and parted ways with Team Liquid.

EG didn't show much, beastcoast surprises with their drafts and preparation specifically for the opponent.

Bookmakers: 2.022 for EG, 2.496 for a draw and 7.3 for beastcoast

Predict: beastcoast will win on 1 map - odds 1.86

13:00 CET - Vici Gaming vs. Team Spirit @ BO2


Vici Gaming defeated Team Liquid yesterday but played 1-1 against TNC Predator. Team Spirit parted ways with Evil Geniuses and lost to Nigma without much chance.

Vici is clearly a head stronger than Team Spirit and must close them, the Chinese are the main contenders for the next stage.

Bookmakers: 2.13 for Vici Gaming, 2.365 for a draw and 7.1 for Team Spirit

Predict: Vici Gaming will easily beat Team Spirit - odds 2.13

15:00 CET - beastcoast vs. TNC Predator @ BO2


beastcoast will play with Evil Geniuses before this match, it is worth drawing many conclusions after this fight. The Peruvians play very cool and may well outplay the team from the Philippines.

TNC Predator parted ways with Vici Gaming, taking Monkey King and Magnus to the center there, and before that they lost without much chance to Evil Geniuses.

Bookmakers: 2.97 on beastcoast, 2.175 on a draw and 4.26 on TNC Predator

Predict: beastcoast will beat TNC Predator - odds 2.97

15:00 CET - Nigma vs. Team Liquid @ BO2


Nigma beat Team Spirit yesterday and a draw with PSG.LGD; Team Liquid have a defeat by Vici Gaming and a draw with beastcoast. European derby, both teams know each other very well and understand how to win.

In the first division of Europe, Nigma was beaten by Team Liquid 1:2 on maps.

Bookmakers: 4.2 for Team Liquid, 2.27 for a draw and 2.83 for Nigma.

Predict: a draw in the match Team Liquid against Nigma - odds 2.27

Very soon we will publish the second part of the predictions for the remaining matches of today's game day of the Weplay Animajor 2021 group stage.