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May 25th, 2021

Prediction for the match Sentinels vs Fnatic: Masters Reykjavik

Prediction for the match Sentinels vs Fnatic at Masters Reykjavik.

Sentinels can be described as one of those teams that can win this tournament. Americans do not use any individual chips or blanks. The team's play is based primarily on quality shooting and good decision making during difficult situations. They are a very calm team, even if the team can lose by 2:10, none of the players get into a stressful situation. In this tournament, it will be interesting to see Bind performed by Sentinels, which has been difficult for team in the past.

Fnatic started well VCT, beating KRÜ Esports 2:0 on the maps. In this match, the squad relied only on shooting to avoid revealing their billets, which were prepared for this tournament. Derke continues to play a key role in his team. His play impresses with his confidence, which is an important aspect for a player who trains for Jett. They has virtually no weak maps now, with Fnatic playing confidently on all locations. Now team has practically no weak maps, at all locations Fnatic play confidently.


Sentinels have a lot of experience, TenZ fits in well with the team and brings the maximum amount of impact to their teammates. Fnatic have a lot of experience since bootcamp, so you can expect anything from them.

Sentinels are favourites for this match, with odds of 1.588 on them and 2.29 on Fnatic. In this game, we recommend you bet on three maps to be played.


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