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April 6th, 2021

Prediction for the match RNG vs FPX: LPL Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

FunPlus Phoenix has run into problems this season. At the beginning of the split, Bo played for the team, who soon admitted that he had previously participated in  match-fixing. For this he was removed from the games. Then Tian returned to the squad, but due to his health condition, he could not give the required level of play. The results of the team crept down and the Phoenixes even had to fight for a place in the playoffs.

Royal Never Give Up was much easier in this regard. The entire squad has come together since the very first game and has shown incredible results: 14-2 in games and 29-8 in maps: in the current history, this is one of the most successful splits among all regions.

Over the past season, the teams met only once. The victory was won by Royal Never Give Up with a score of 2-0.

Prediction for match: Royal Never Give Up vs FunPlus Phoenix

FPX stabilized after the unexpected departure of a new jungler, but with him they showed a much higher level of play. Doinb's champions pool can play into the hands of the team, because it was this young talent that for the first time sent such champions as Nautilus, Nocturne and Kled to the middle lane.

Royal Never Give Up is just playing their game in this split and they are almost unstoppable. It's amazing that a team made up of outsider teams from last season is tearing apart all of China this season.

Few of the Royal Never Give Up roster reached the playoff stage and this can play a role, but if the coaches are able to work competently with the team, then RNG will most likely go to MSI.

Bookmakers give 1.55 for Royal Never Give Up and 2.35 for FunPlus Phoenix. Considering all the factors, we recommend betting Royal Never Give Up to win.