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April 29th, 2021

Prediction for the match NAVI vs VP: DreamHack Masters Spring 2021

Prediction for the coolest CIS match with Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere in the upper bracket of Group A at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

Natus Vincere - it's hard to say anything based on one drawn map. It is important that they had a difficult match with mousesports, s1mple is in amazing shape, B1t's debut, one might say, was a success. The team clearly rallied and showed good shooting and attack on Overpass, but there are some moments when everything is on the shoulders of s1mple and his shooting.

Map statistics

Overpass (1 win - 0 lose)


Overpass (decider): defeated mousesports with a score of 16:14 (7 in defense, 9 in attack)



Virtus.pro - started the championship with a victory over FaZe Clan, there were some problems in the attack on Train, but they coped and brought the game in their favor. Now the team is at the bootcamp, but apart from YEKINDAR. Individually, all Virtus.pro players are on a good level, but SANJI is sagging, possibly due to its role in the game.

Map statistics

Train (1 win - 0 lose)


Train (decider): defeated FaZe Clan with a score of 16:13 (9 in defense, 7 in attack)



Match prediction: NAVI vs Virtus.pro within the upper bracket of Group "A" DreamHack Masters Spring 2021

Everything will depend on the individual form in this game, NAVI can win due to good play against B1t and s1mple, but if something does not go according to plan, it will be very difficult for Natus Vincere. We advise you to believe in Virtus.pro, they are in very good shape and showed a cool game.

Bookmakers give approximately equal odds for this match, and rightly so. The odds on Natus Vincere are 1.81, and on Virtus.pro - 1.95.

Prediction: Virtus.pro will beat Natus Vincere at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 - odds 1.95