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April 22nd, 2021

Prediction for the match NAVI vs EXTREMUM: ESL One CIS DPC S2

NAVI turned out to be weaker than Team Spirit, and EXTREMUM lost to Winstrike with a score of 1:2 on maps.

There is clearly pressure on Natus Vincere due to the replacement of the player. All of NAVI's roster are professionals and should show their best despite such factors. There is no point in evaluating the first match with Team Spirit as a failure of NAVI, but a wonderful form of the Spirits.

Signature heroes NAVI

- Support-four: Dark Willow / Shadow Demon
- Support-five: Disraptor / Phoenix
- Carry: Anti-Mage / Morphling
- Mid: Storm Spirit

Natus Vincere are trying to ban: Lion, Juggernaut, Wraith King, Timbersaw, Mars. Banned against them: Puck, Lifestealer, Phantom Assasin, Phantom Lancer.

As for EXTREMUM, they lost in the first match to Winstrike. Their drafts have not changed much despite the new patch.


- On carry: Ursa, Lifestealer, Medusa
- Support-five: rates Grimstroke and Undying
- In hard on three: Legion Commander, Razor, Pangolier, and on support four: Tusk, Earthshaker, Lion
- Mid: Puck, Death Prophet

EXTREMUM is banned by Phoenix, Medusa, Troll Warlord, Faceless Void, Earth Spirit. Banned against them: Beastmaster, Timbersaw, Abaddon, Lifestealer.

Match prediction: EXTREMUM vs NAVI at ESL One CIS DPC Season 2

It can be traced that the strongest side of NAVI is their carry - V-Tune, Team Spirit was banned by 4 heroes against him: Troll Warlord, Lifestealer, Phantom Assasin, Phantom Lancer. This clearly needs to be taken into account and an emphasis should be placed on playing against NAVI's safe lane.

EXTREMUM should be wary of their Medusa, as well as a couple of heroes from Shachlo that he is good at: Dark Seer, Timbersaw, Beastmaster.

In all respects, NAVI is stronger than EXTREMUM, in terms of individual performance, for sure.

Bookmakers are confident in the victory of NAVI, the odds for them are 1.12, at EXTREMUM 6.35. We advise you to believe in the exact score 2:0 for NAVI - odds 1.398.

Prediction: NAVI will crush EXTREMUM with a score of 2:0 - odds 1.398