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April 9th, 2021

Prediction for the match G2 vs Rogue: LEC Spring Split 2021 Playoffs

G2 unexpectedly lost to MAD Lions in the final of the upper bracket. A lot of hate poured towards the toplainer of the team - Wunder, but he did not give up and began to train hard to prepare for the final week of the split.

Rogue not without difficulty, but defeated FC Schalke 04 and reached the final of the lower bracket. It should be noted that the entire composition interacts well with each other, and also have good microcontrol indicators.

During the last season, the teams met 2 times and both times defeated G2.

Prediction for the match: G2 vs Rogue

The big problem with the G2 roster is that they have no worthy competition: Wunder treats the game like a job, so he spends all his free time in World of Warcraft, Jankos develops media and constantly streams, and not in a serious manner, but MikyX and Rekkless can often be seen in ladder not in their main roles. No matter how absurd it is, but this is the strongest team in Europe, which has been holding the palm in its region for two years now.

Rogue, despite being defeated by MAD Lions, played better. It can be seen that they do not agree to be the second team in Europe. Inspired is considered to be one of the best jungler in the region, and Odoamne rips apart life at the top. The team wants to win and does everything to achieve the goal.

Bookmakers give 1.50 to win G2 and 2.48 to Rogue. Considering all of the above factors, we recommend betting Rogue on a win with a odds of 2.48.


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