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May 8th, 2021

Prediction for the match C9 vs INF: MSI 2021 Group Stage

Cloud9 performs badly on this MSI: although the team imposed a struggle between DWG and DFM, Blaber made unforgivable mistakes that led to a loss. The MVP of the spring split LCS has lost its former shape and, one might even say, is in ruin for his team.

Infinity Esports made a comeback against the Japanese from DFM and snapped back well against DAMWON KIA. The team has the potential to advance to the next stage from second place in the group and for that to happen, the Latinos need to outplay C9.

Prediction for the match: Cloud9 vs Infinity Esports

At the moment, there are two weak links in Cloud9: Blaber and Fudge. The forester of the team makes many unforgivable and stupid mistakes, and the topper simply does not match the personal skill of the other toppers from this tournament.

Infinity Esports is characterized by its "tenacity". The team always stands their ground until the end, until they are broken, and this bears fruit. Even if the champions from the new patch have not yet appeared in their picks, this does not negate the fact that they play well on the setups of their last patch.

Bookmakers give 1.15 for Cloud9 to win and 5.00 for Infinity Esports. Considering all of the above factors, we recommend betting INF.


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