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June 5th, 2021

Prediction for Spirit vs Virtus.pro: IEM Summer 2021

Prediction for the Spirit vs Virtus.pro match at IEM Summer 2021.

Spirit did not start tournament in the best possible way. In the second round, they were fortunate that their opponents were Imperial, whom the Russians handled without much trouble. degster started to regain their form, but so far their problem is wagering on the Dust 2 map. Spirit are not badly prepared for this tournament, but lately they've been giving away a lot of silly rounds, which can often decide the outcome of the game. Perhaps the team has spent all their energy on RMR, which is why they are now showing instability. Spirit have shown a poor Overpass in this tournament, wonder what they have done to correct the mistakes.

Virtus.pro started well in this championship, but in the match against OG they showed nothing at all. The team started to get lost a lot during difficult situations and often lost power play rounds. So far, there are a lot of questions for SANJI, who is having a hard time playing. As a team, he always defends very important points, but can't out-shoot anyone at all. Virtus.pro definitely need to think about substitutions, otherwise they will once again look unconvincing in any tournament. Virtus.pro has had a lot of problems at Mirage for a long time, which is an advantage for many of the team's opponents.


Spirit know how to play against Virtus.pro and are always a comfortable opponent for them. Matches between these two teams always end with close scores and most of the time are not without a third map. Virtus.pro have weakened in this tournament and it is possible that this will be their last match in the championship.

Spirit look confident in this match with odds of 1.75 and 2.03 on Virtus.pro. In this game, we recommend you bet on a Spirit win.


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