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May 24th, 2021

Prediction for Sharks Esports vs NUTURN: VCT Masters Reykjavik

Prediction for the match Sharks Esports vs NUTURN at Masters Reykjavik.

Sharks Esports were very lucky to qualify for this tournament. The team almost lost to FURIA in the semi-finals of their region, but a touch of luck saved them. Sharks are one of the most unstable teams in their region. You can expect anything from the team, but certainly not in this tournament, where the teams are primarily targeting the likes of these Brazilians. Sharks don't have any kind of structured game, and within the team, right decisions that lead to victory very rarely emerge. More often than not, they relies on the individual abilities of the players. Sharks are obliged to prepare a Bind for this tournament that can be used against them in all matches.

NUTURN are the dark horses of this tournament. There is a team spirit in their play that many teams lack when it comes to qualifying for the VCT finals. It's not a bad indicator that on the way to Iceland, the team beat Vision Strikers. Match was a sensation not only within the region, but also for the entire community. They has two strong players on Jett, which is a rarity. This can be a problem, as not every team can adjust within the various maps to play Jett, which is run at each location by a different player. There are no problematic maps for the Korean team, and they have good skills everywhere.


Sharks Esports have a huge chance of finishing last in this tournament. Getting to Iceland can be considered a success for this squad. NUTURN can put up a good fight in this tournament and generally put up a good fight against the top teams.

NUTURN look confident in this game with odds of 1.495 and 2.524 on Sharks Esports. We recommend you bet on NUTURN to win this match.