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June 20th, 2021

Prediction for Natus Vincere vs G2: BLAST Spring Final 2021

Today at 15:30 CET, there will be a game between Natus Vincere and G2 at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021. The winner of this match will advance to the grand final, while loser will leave the championship.

Natus Vincere have so far shown a dubious performance in this tournament. They seem to devote a lot of time to team training, but so far it's not really paying off. Boombl4 is letting his teammates down with his shooting at many points. He often fails to out-shoot his opponents, even if it's a normal situation. NAVI have quickly managed to get used to Ancient and are already making their first progress on this map, so they should definitely be feared. Over the course of the tournament, Natus Vincere's many problems are revealed. For example, weak play on Mirage or silly decisions with 10-second exits within Dust2.

G2 have struggled to win their opponents so far. They've had a lot of luck, so they've made it to the current stage thanks to that. If NiKo and huNter- don't do well, the whole team has problems. It is not good when a team is dependent on two players. G2 may have reached their ceiling in this tournament, team must be tired after such difficult games during the whole championship. G2 are playing poorly on Nuke and have been unstable within Dust2 recently.


Natus Vincere know how to play against G2, it is always a passing opponent for them. Guys from CIS have definitely not shown everything they have prepared for this tournament. Europeans may be affected by fatigue, as every game must have been very exhausting for them.

Natus Vincere are favourites for this match, with odds of 1.46 on them and 2.63 on G2. In this game we recommend you bet on NAVI winning 2:0 on the maps.


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