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June 1st, 2021

Prediction for match Gambit vs Sprout: IEM Summer 2021

Prediction for Gambit's first group stage match against Sprout at IEM Summer 2021.

Gambit have once again started to enjoy results, although so far this is only at the level of their home region. They has been in limbo for a long time, players are very uncomfortable playing at home. Form of sh1ro has deteriorated, now for some time it is impossible to call him a stable sniper. Hobbit, on the contrary, has returned to skills of times of the Majors in Krakow, and even managed to get MVP at the RMR tournament for CIS. Perhaps after all players return to bootcamp situation will change dramatically. Gambit are doing well against their opponents on all maps, but sometimes have problems within Mirage and Train.

Sprout can be described as one of the weakest teams to take part in this tournament. After replacements, team is still very unstable. Often they produce a good performance against strong teams, and then cannot beat a team that is not even in the top 50 of world rankings. Sprout made it to this tournament through national qualifiers, where they were lucky that second place team got a slot at IEM. Roster lacks a consistent sniper who could help his team win an important round at any time. Currently Sprout has problems on almost all maps, Nuke is most often their salvation from failure. Unfortunately, this map won't help them, because Gambit always take it out first.


Gambit are clearly set to make play-offs without too much trouble, they were very lucky with their first opponent in the group stage. Sprout may get good experience playing against serious teams, but they are unlikely to put up a fight in this tournament. Team will lack the number of maps they currently have prepared.

Gambit are favourites to win this match, with odds of 1.2 and 4.31 on Sprout. In this game, we recommend you bet on a Gambit win with a -4.5 handicap.


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