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June 4th, 2021

Prediction for Imperial vs Spirit: IEM Summer 2021

Prediction for the Imperial vs Spirit match at IEM Summer 2021.

Imperial are very unlucky to find themselves in a situation where the match decides team's further performance in tournament. Players' individual form is now in a poor state, particularly frustrating for fer. Once one of the best players in the world and champion of two majors, can now shoot almost no one at a high level. On the team, only one SHOOWTiME shows his willingness to fight any opponent, showing a confident individual game. In the match against Heroic, they was only able to pick up 8 rounds thanks to luck, but perhaps the problem was fact that a new Ancient map was chosen. Imperial have a good amount of strong maps, but often have problems on Overpass.

Spirit surprised in the first round of championship by losing almost without a fight to a team called Evil Geniuses, who may soon be replaced. Now is a chance for Spirit to continue their performance in the tournament, as they will be facing the weakest opponent in this championship tonight. That's not to say you should be negligent about this game. Brazilians know how to surprise and can make Spirit fight to win and advance. It's already clear that there won't be an Overpass for the Russians anytime soon, because their preparation for this map is terrible.


In this game, Spirit will fight to the end and will certainly not miss chance that has been given to the team. Brazilians will have some good experience playing against Tier-1 teams, but they certainly won't have anything to show for it.

Spirit are the favourites for this match, with odds of 1.1 and 6.41 on Imperial. In this game we recommend you bet on Spirit winning 2:0 on the maps.


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