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June 13th, 2021

Prediction for grand final OG vs Gambit: IEM Summer 2021

Prediction for the OG vs Gambit grand final at IEM Summer 2021.

OG have finally arrived at the ideal line-up, after a rather long period of searching for suitable roster players. One of the main pluses of this team is that the path to victory is not built on individual skill, but primarily through team decisions. OG are very dependent on the play of mantuu, who for the most part is a playmaker. Although the Europeans have not lost a single game in this tournament, all games were very difficult for them and they did not always manage to snatch victory on important maps. The weakest OG map right now is Mirage, which they have not been able to play for a long time.

It's great to watch Gambit and in general the way they are gaining form over the course of this tournament. The guys from CIS are now looking confident and contend for the championship. sh1ro has finally returned to his form and is showing a fantastic game. Even in times of stress, Gambit keep playing with a cold head and aim to win. The boys have been training hard, especially focusing on Overpass on the praccs. Gambit are stable on all maps now, so finding their weak spot will be very difficult.


OG are very lucky to make the grand final and they are really good at this tournament. Gambit have a serious map-pool and have a chance to win by a landslide. If sh1ro and Ax1le are included, the Europeans may not even count on a championship.

Gambit are favourites to win this grand final, with odds of 1.35 on them and 3.08 on OG. In this match, we recommend you take a bit of a risk and bet on Gambit to win 3:1 on the maps.


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