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June 10th, 2021

Prediction for Gambit vs Evil Geniuses: IEM Summer 2021

Prediction for the Gambit vs Evil Geniuses match at IEM Summer 2021.

Gambit are now difficult to call a team that is certain to win this tournament. They did well against Astralis, which reinforced their status as favourites for the championship. In the game against Complexity, on the contrary, they showed their insecurity and reliance on the weaker opponent. It is precisely the frequent underestimation of their opponent that leads Gambit to poor results or losses of their strong maps. Now they have a very important game ahead of them, and the CIS guys must approach it more responsibly than in the past. Gambit's Overpass has been very unstable lately, and they may need it in this game.

Evil Geniuses have been surprising in some ways in this tournament. It would seem that the team had nothing to show even in America, but once they arrived in Europe, the situation has changed dramatically. Now the strongest players on team are oBo and CeRq. They both play very important roles and are often the key to victory for EG. The team as a whole looks good in this tournament, but perhaps they have already reached their ceiling. There are big questions about EG's training because their performance on the praccs is simply awful. Evil Geniuses still haven't learned how to play Overpass well, so they can be caught out just like that.


All the Gambit players are now in a bootcamp, and it is in this environment that the team shows their best results. Evil Geniuses are very likely to leave this tournament because they have too strong an opponent to fight to the last.

Gambit are the favourites for this game, with odds of 1.25 on them and 3.77 on Evil Geniuses. In this match, we recommend that you bet on Gambit to take on their opponent without too much trouble and win 2:0 on the maps.


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