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June 17th, 2021

Prediction for Gambit vs Complexity: BLAST Spring Final 2021

Today at 15:30 CET, Gambit will fight with Complexity to reach final of the upper bracket at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021.

Gambit are still bouncing back perfectly. Hobbit finally arrived at the bootcamp, team is now fully assembled and will clearly be able to devote more time to preparing for important matches. In game against EG, Gambit experienced difficulties, but still did not give an opponent a single map, although the chance for it was. sh1ro and Ax1Le still share the position of the main shooters, their individual level of play at the moment is impressive. As Hobbit admitted, uncomfortable map for Gambit so far is Inferno. Perhaps they will try to rectify their current position in this location.

Complexity showed an excellent start to the tournament, where they beat NIP with a score of 2:0 on maps without any problems. We must not forget that these Europeans are the most unstable among tier-1 teams. In one tournament, they can give an incredible performance, and in another, they can fly out of the group stage. Now they has been at the bootcamp for more than three weeks and progress is noticeable. According to RUSH, if bad results are a frequent trend, then the team will definitely be replaced. Separately, from the weak maps of Complexity, only Mirage can be distinguished, it is there that the team makes a large number of mistakes in every official match.


Gambit have not lost their grip after winning the last championship and are showing coolness again. Complexity will definitely fight to the last, so that there are no substitutions in the team. Gambit hit an uncomfortable opponent, so it was necessary to prepare carefully for match.

Bookmakers single out Gambit as the clear favourite. Odds on them are 1.27 and 3.6 on Complexity. In this match, we recommend you bet on Complexity's +1.5 handicap. That means European team will be able to win at least one map.


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