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June 4th, 2021

Prediction for Gambit vs Astralis: IEM Summer 2021

Prediction for Gambit vs Astralis match at IEM Summer 2021.

Gambit are not yet a team to be feared in this tournament. Team has been playing a lacklustre game in the championship. In the match against Vitality, they was very low on morale after giving up a gamble on the first map. sh1ro has already started to come around and regain their past form. Hobbit, who just recently showed an incredible performance and surprised with his game, has started to have problems. Now Gambit's play on Overpass has deteriorated, team is showing a terrible attack on this map.

Astralis have rehabilitated a bit after a series of setbacks and now they can't be called an easy team to play against. In a good individual is Xyp9x, who again surprises the community with his clutches. Astralis have started to devote a lot of preparation and have gathered at bootcamp. They will most likely try to regain their former title of the best team in the world starting from this tournament. Although the Astralis have put a lot of time into training at Ancient, so far they are not doing well there. This could be a gift for many teams that fall against the Danes.


Gambit had to correct all their mistakes in the match against Vitality and prepare for the continuation of the tournament. Astralis are now playing quite confidently, so this team is definitely worth fearing, especially at Vertigo.

Gambit are the favourites for this match, with odds of 1.42 on them and 2.77 on Astralis. In this game we recommend that you bet on three maps to be played.


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