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June 18th, 2021

Prediction for G2 vs Complexity: BLAST Spring Final 2021

Tonight at 18:30 CET, G2 and Complexity will face off at the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021. Team that loses this encounter will unfortunately leave the tournament.

G2 have clearly slowed down after last season and now look less confident than they did before. Much of the team's play depends on brothers NiKo and huNter-, who are playmakers in their squad. G2 are now on a long term bootcamp, results are definitely there. This team is very hard to prepare for, they like to change their style of play at any time. The main plus for G2 is that they know how to switch on in time, regardless of the situation. They should pay attention to parsing Vertigo, currently G2 are very unstable on this map.

Complexity started successfully in this tournament, but failed in the second game against Gambit. The team's players have made no secret of the fact that, due to poor results, replacements may start soon. The main problem of Complexity is weak sniper poizon, who now does not reach the level of tier-1, although previously the situation was the opposite. Team has been on the bootcamp for a long time, but there have been no significant results so far. Complexity's headache is considered to be Mirage, whose errors have not been corrected for months.


G2 are playing well right now, individually the players are fully prepared for this tournament. Complexity may be under pressure to make substitutions soon. This may have taken a heavy toll on the team mentally. G2 are playing well on all the maps where Complexity have problems.

G2 are favourites to win this encounter, with odds of 1.66 and 2.16 on Complexity. We recommend that you bet on G2 to win this match.


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