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June 16th, 2021

Prediction for G2 vs BIG: BLAST Spring Final 2021

Prediction for the G2 vs BIG match at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021.

G2 are in good form right now, the current roster can be called one of the best in recent times for this organization. The team showed a good game at IEM Summer 2021 and if they didn't fall against Gambit in the semi-finals, they could have made the grand final. The brothers NiKo and huNter- are the team's main firepower and the success of the team is primarily dependent on how well these players have prepared individually for the match. G2 are now training hard, but so far the team has had difficulties at Ancient. They has had a lot of time to practice this map, so it should look very different already in BLAST.

BIG are no longer difficult opponents, everyone has learned how to play against this team. Germans have not shown almost any results for a long time and can only compete with teams of the tier-2 level. syrsoN is the only player in this team who consistently scores and hits well against opponents. BIG definitely need to think about substitutions and in the first place consider how k1to and tiziaN are performing in the team. BIG's weak map is Mirage, who looks terrible in their performance.


G2 is a very strong team and they have every chance of going very far in this tournament. BIG is a team that has been unable to regain its form for a long time and without a replacement it is unlikely to succeed. There are no maps where the Germans can be stronger than G2.

G2 are favourites to win this match, with odds of 1.51 and 2.48 on BIG. In this game we recommend you bet on G2 winning 2:0 on the maps.


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