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June 3rd, 2021

Prediction for Evil Geniuses vs Team Spirit: IEM Summer 2021

Prediction for Evil Geniuses vs Team Spirit match at IEM Summer 2021.

Evil Geniuses look like one of the weakest teams in this tournament so far. It feels like replacements are only making things worse for the team. Most recently, EG took part in the American RMR, where they couldn't win a single match and finished in last place. Before the trip to America, team had same situation in Europe. They could not even beat teams below top 30 in the world rankings. Recently, many rivals took advantage of the fact that EG have completely forgotten how to play the Inferno. I wonder if they were able to prepare him for this tournament.

Spirit are just starting to get back to their past form. They has almost no problems while playing against their compatriots. degster, who has been scoring mediocrely with the sniper rifle for a long time, is yet to come round. Spirit has a trump map on Dust 2 in the form of magixx, who has the feeling that he was born on this map. He knows all the tricks on it and is great at out-shooting opponents in this particular location. At the moment, Spirit have Overpass and Inferno in a sorry state, but team have had time to rectify the situation.


So far, there is no belief that Evil Geniuses have prepared well for this tournament and will show anything at all. Team Spirit will clearly struggle to win more than just this match, there's a lot to be expected from them.

Team Spirit are the favourites for this match-up, with odds of 1.38 on them and 2.92 on Evil Geniuses. In this game we recommend you bet on Spirit winning with a -3.5 handicap.


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