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April 7th, 2021

Predict for the match Team Heretics vs Opportunists: Europe Stage 2

Team Heretics is regarded as one of the best teams in Europe. The team has RUBINO, who has not yet adapted to the game after his transition from Counter-Strike, so his shooting is mediocre so far. This does not prevent the team from easily passing many opponents. The Heretics have been experiencing problems with the Bind map of late. It will be interesting to see how it affects today's game.

Opportunists has assembled some of the best players in France. It's strange that no one has signed this mix until now. The team has been having problems playing against serious opponents, or more specifically, insecurity. In their last match, the team easily dealt with Guild Esports and made it through to the current stage of the tournament. 

In all that time, the teams have never met against each other.

Prediction for the match: Team Heretics vs Opportunists

The Heretics have shown an interesting and confident performance in recent matches. Opportunists are more often than not relying on their individual play. The European squad will need to resort to a close game, with nukkye's Jett, who is most often the key player in the team, playing the main role.

Our editorial board believes that the process of peaks and bans will look as follows

  • Team Heretics ban Bind
  • Opportunists ban Icebox
  • Team Heretics pick Haven
  • Opportunists pick Ascent
  • decider Split

The teams from Europe look much more confident than the French in this match. The bookmakers are betting 1.625 on Team Heretics to win and 2.224 on Opportunists. We recommend that you bet on a Heretics win in this match.

Prediction: Team Heretics to beat Opportunists at VCT Europe Stage 2: Challengers 1 - odds 1.625