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May 2nd, 2021

Predict for the match NAVI vs Gambit: DreamHack Masters Spring 2021

The prediction for the Gambit Esports vs Natus Vincere match is the coolest CIS confrontation for the best seed in the play-offs DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

Gambit Esports - at the championship, they started their journey with a victory over Fiend, and then outplayed G2 Esports with a score of 2:1 on maps. They performed well on Mirage and Dust 2, but lost at their pick Train. Gambit banned: Mirage, Nuke, Inferno.

Map statistics

Dust 2 (2 wins - 0 losses)
Mirage (1 win - 0 losses)
Train (0 wins - 1 loss)


Mirage (opponent's pick): defeated G2 Esports with a score of 16:8 (11 in attack, 5 in defense)

Train (own pick): lost to G2 Esports with a score of 13:16 (7 in attack, 6 in defense)

Dust 2 (decider): defeated G2 Esports with a score of 16:4 (11 in defense, 5 in attack)
Dust 2 (decider): defeated Fiend with a score of 16:5 (10 in defense, 6 in attack)


Nuke (2 times in recent matches)

Natus Vincere - they managed to win the tournament against mousesports at 16:14 on Overpass, and then quite without a chance defeated Virtus.pro 16:10 on Dust 2 and 16:7 on Inferno. There were a lot of doubts about B1t's debut in the first line-up, but he showed himself very cool and shows himself at a good level with dignity. NAVI traditionally banned Vertigo and Overpass.

Map statistics

Overpass (1 win - 0 lose)
Dust 2 (1 win - 0 lose)
Inferno (1 win - 0 lose)


Dust 2 (own pick): defeated Virtus.pro with a score of 16:10 (9 in defense, 7 in attack)

Inferno (opponent's pick): lost to Virtus.pro with a score of 7:16 (12 in defense, 4 in attack)

Overpass (decider): defeated mousesports with a score of 16:14 (7 in defense, 9 in attack)


Vertigo (2 times in the last matches)

Match prediction: Gambit Esports vs NAVI in DreamHack Masters Spring 2021

Both teams guaranteed their place in the playoffs, this fight will determine only the seed for each of them. The teams are very equal, a lot will depend on the map pool, in particular, whether Gambit - Overpass picks, there will definitely be something from the maps Dust 2 / Inferno. Gambits should probably abandon Train and this will be a good advantage for them in this game.

Bookmakers give odds of 1.708 on Gambit and 2.098 on NAVI. We advise you to agree with the bookmakers and believe in Gambit.

Prediction: Gambit Esports will hardly beat NAVI at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 - odds 1.708