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May 18th, 2021

Predict for the match Astralis vs Double Poney: Flashpoint Season 3

Preidct for a duel with Astralis and Double Poney in Flashpoint Season 3. Both teams started with victories.

Astralis - outplayed OG in the first match, they took Nuke with their choice, the game there ended with a score of 16:11 for them, and there was a bitter struggle on Inferno, the teams fought for each round and the Danes were luckier, beating OG 2:0. Astralis is banned by Mirage and Train. It is worth noting the great shape from Xyp9x and gla1ve.

Map statistics

Inferno (1 win - 0 lose)
Nuke (1 win - 0 lose)


Inferno (opponent's pick): defeated OG from 22:19 (17 in defense, 5 in attack)

Nuke (own pick): defeated OG with a score of 16:11 (9 attack, 7 defense)



Double Poney - quite unexpectedly they outplayed Vitality in the first match at Flashpoint Season 3. They took Nuke with their map and defeated the French grandee with a score of 16:5. On the other hand, there is no longer a victory for DBL Poney, but Vitality's poor preparation. All DBL PONEY players have good K/D.  They try to ban: Mirage and Overpass.

Map statistics

Nuke (0 wins - 1 loss)
Inferno (0 wins - 1 loss)


Nuke (own pick): defeated Vitality with a score of 16:5 (11 in attack, 5 in defense)

Inferno (opponent's pick): defeated Vitality with a score of 16:7 (10 in defense, 6 in attack)



Predict for the match: DBL PONEY vs Astralis in Flashpoint Season 3

Bookmakers give incredible quotes and confidence in Astralis, the odds on them is 1.20, and on DBL PONEY it is 4.20. They made such conclusions on the game of the French at the Elisa Invitational Summer 2021, where DBL PONEY lost to the Danes from AGF.

Astralis and DBL PONEY showed us only a couple of maps, both teams played on Nuke and, most likely, this map will appear in this fight. It will be important who starts to defend and gains the advantage.

We advise you to believe in Astralis, but it will obviously not be as easy for them as the bookmakers think. We offer a 2:1 score in their favor with the odds of 3.2.

Prediction: Astralis will outplay DBL PONEY with a score of 2:1 on maps - odds 3.2