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May 2nd, 2021

Predict for match NAVI vs Virtus.pro: ESL One CIS DPC Season 2

Predict for a fiery duel between Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere in the first division of ESL One CIS DPC Season 2.

Natus Vincere - started the league with a defeat from Team Spirit, and then defeated EXTREMUM and ASM.GMB. It is difficult to assess the results with these teams ahead of the game with Virtus.pro. NAVI showed us that they highly rate Phantom Assasin for carry, and Nyx Assasin for support-four. NAVI are trying to ban: Timbersaw and Wraith King, against Virtus.pro it will be very important to ban these particular characters.

Virtus.pro - go in the league without defeat, they have a victory over ASM.GMB with a score of 2:1 on maps, and then easy games with PuckChamp and Team Unique at 2:0. Frankly speaking, they did not have much strong rivals. It's funny that the teams gave them their signature heroes in the difficult one: Timbersaw + Lion, but the Unique made them happy and began to ban these characters.

Match prediction: NAVI vs Virtus.pro in ESL One CIS DPC Season 2

NAVI is focusing on their carry, while Virtus.pro is building a game around the offlane, but they have a plan "B" due to cool mid and easy performers.

Bookmakers give Virtus.pro a clear favorite and this is quite logical. Odds on VP is 1.452, and on NAVI - 2.765. It is hard to imagine how NAVI will be able to squeeze out at least one map. You should probably not give Natus Vincere Phantom Asassin / Morphling, and you should expect Phantom Lancer / Lifestealer from Virtus.pro.

We advise you to believe in Virtus.pro, with a minimal risk to believe in 2:0 - odds 2.096.

Prediction: Virtus.pro will easily beat Natus Vincere at ESL One CIS DPC Season 2 - odds 2.096