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May 8th, 2021

"Palace coups" - Transfer rumors in Europe

Adam joins Fnatic



Adam, the winner of the European Masters 2021 Spring as part of Karmine Corp, according to unconfirmed reports, may soon join the Fnatic organization.

Bwipo and Selfmade did not re-sign the contracts and, apparently, they are already looking for replacements. There are also rumors that the French organization has requested €500,000 for the toplainer.

Another possible outcome of events could be Bwipo's transition to the role of jungler without leaving the team.

Fnatic's current roster:

  • Bwipo
  • Selfmade
  • Nisqy
  • Upset
  • Hylissang

Selfmade and SLT join Team Vitality

Skeanz and Szygenda showed weak performance in the LEC's spring split. On the basis of this, there were rumors that the team needed new players for the position of the top and the jungle.

If Selfmade's transition can be explained by the lack of a contract with Fnatic and the reluctance to change the region, then SLT, the BIG player, does not immediately come to mind. He showed himself well at the last EU Masters, but clearly did not shine at it.

In any case, the changes will benefit Team Vitality: the team finished last in the spring split, winning only 5 maps out of 18.

Team Vitality's current roster:

  • Szygenda
  • Skeanz
  • Milica
  • Crownshot
  • Labrov