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May 7th, 2021

Once the strongest team began to lose their players

Ruben RUBINO Villarroel has tweeted that he is currently looking for offers to join a new team. He still has a contract with Team Heretics, but is currently on the bench.


RUBINO in search of a new team

RUBINO joined the Spanish organisation in January 2021. It was a questionable decision at the time, as he had no experience of playing against teams even at Tier 3 level. In stride, Team Heretics were able to reach the top of the world rankings with their new player. After losing the VCT Europe Stage 1: Masters final to Acend 2:3 on maps, team started to lose their shape steadily. The situation got to the point where Team Heretics didn't win any Tier 1 teams after that tournament. RUBINO's play throughout his time at Heretics left much to be desired. Before joining Valorant, he was known on the professional CS:GO scene. He was able to speech himself by playing for teams such as Dignitas, Heroic, Nordavind.

Roster Team Heretics:

  • lowel
  • pAura
  • nukkye
  • AvovA