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March 8th, 2021

"On the Finish Line" - Week in Summoner's Rift

There is only one week left to play in Europe and America, a funny attraction was created on reddit, as well as new League of Legends bugs in our weekly digest.

LoL Pro League

There are big changes in the standings in China. EDward Gaming earned their second loss of the season and fell to second place.

The instability of the newest member of the FunPlus Phoenix team is playing a trick on them. The squad dropped two lines and still may not make it to the playoffs. Suning finished the week 2-0 and moved up to 8th place.

At the end of the split, not only Suning, but also JD Gaming and Top Esports climbed higher and have a chance to advance further.

Quite unexpectedly, at the end of this week, they found themselves on the fourth line of the Rare Atom protocol. The team did not misfire over the past two games and came close to the giants of the scene.

LPL table after 7 weeks of play

LPL standings after 7 weeks of play

LoL Champions Korea

Despite the deplorable state of the teams at the bottom of the tournament table, they still have mathematical chances of getting to the next stage of the tournament.

Surprising as it may seem, but for the second week in a row there is only one change in the standings: DRX and Hanwha Life Esports have changed places again.

The second ticket to the playoffs was taken by Gen.G. At the moment they are in second place in the group stage with a stats of 10-4.

LCK standings after 7 weeks of play

LCK standings after 7 weeks of play

LoL Championship Series

In America in the last week of the group stage, there is a fierce battle for the last 4 slots in the playoffs. 5 teams apply for them at once.

After finishing the week with stats 2-1, Cloud9 and Dignitas secured their place in the final stages of the spring split, while Golden Guardians, CLG and FlyQuest lost the opportunity to fight further.

Evil Geniuses dropped two positions down and now their 6th position in the standings before the last week looks dangerous. We remind you that only 6 teams will advance further.

LCS standings after 5 weeks of play

LCS standings after 5 weeks of play

LoL European Championship

The third participant of the playoffs has been determined. They are MAD Lions. They are in third place and they will perform at least in the lower bracket of the final stage of the split.

Fnatic follows the lions. They also have a 9-6 stats, but a 0-2 head-to-head difference prevents the British organization from overtaking MAD Lions.

Astralis have lost their chances of going further. With statistics of 3-12, Nikolai Akatov's team became the first to lose even mathematical chances in the playoffs. Nikolai himself comments on the performance of his team in the spring split like this:

We could've had more wins in this split for sure ... Compared to Astralis at the beginning of the split, we are a completely different team in terms of play.

We hope that he and his team will do better in the summer split.

Thanks to the poor performance of Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports, FC Schalke 04 were able to move up 2 places and now occupy 6th place. Last week they will face Fnatic, Vitality and Excel.

LEC standings after 7 weeks of play

LEC standings after 7 weeks of play

LoL Continental League

Gambit Esports managed to interrupt the unbeaten run of UOL, thanks to which they ended the week with a score of 2-0 and strengthened in 4th place.

Dragon Army did not repeat the success of Gambit and flopped 0-2. They are now in 5th position. Let me remind you that before the start of this week, these two teams shared the 4th line of the standings.

Vega Squadron earned their first win of the season. They managed to overcome CTRL PLAY, which now single-handedly occupy the last line with statistics 0-8.

LCL standings after 4 weeks of play

LCL standings after 4 weeks of play

League News

In patch 11.5, Riot Games fixed the interaction of champion Viego with the Dark Seal and Mejai's Souleater. However, this created an even more serious bug that allowed Viego to destroy all objects in the game with one hit. The video below shows how you could get this incredibly powerful buff.

Viego was unavailable in the game for a couple of days, but now there are no problems. The champion can be played in any mode.

At the moment, the T1 team has 10 people in its roster, and only 1 of them is a permanent participant in the games - support Keria. The remaining 9 people are constantly changing among themselves every week, putting up a new five players. Reddit enthusiasts have come up with a hilarious game - "Predict the next T1 roster with the wheel of luck." The thread went viral, and some of the users suggested that the team should have acquired at least one more support, only after that they will be successful in the season.

Also on reddit, one of the users noticed that Senna is now extremely strong.

Senna in the prestigious edition True Damage Skin

Senna in the prestigious edition True Damage Skin

New changes to Guinsoo's Rageblade have significantly increased the champion's winrate. Perhaps in the next patch we will see a rollback to the previous version of the item.


This is what we have done for the past week. Very soon, all teams will fight in hot playoff matches for the right to participate in MSI. You can follow the end of the spring split on the event page.

See you at the Rift!