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June 3rd, 2021

"Old Timers of Europe" - the history of the Origen team

Hello everyone! Today we will plunge again into the history of the League of Legends. The next step is the Origen organization. Despite its short history, it is rich in amazing ups and downs. So let’s start!


Origen's first roster

Origen's first roster

Origen was founded in December 2014. xPeke, who played for Fnatic, left the team after a disastrous performance at the World Championship.

It is worth noting that the midlane at that time was considered one of the strongest players in Europe, became the world champion in the first season, and he also owns the legendary moment with the backdoor of the SK Gaming base.

The community reacted with bewilderment to the voluntary transfer to the second division, but xPeke knew what he wanted.

He took sOAZ from Fnatic, also Zven (formerly with the nickname Niels), Amazing from TSM and mithy from NIP came to him.

The guys were much better than the teams from the second division, so it was not difficult for them to take first place in the spring split and book a place for the summer in the EU LCS.


It took time even for big-name players to declare themselves in LCS, but Origen clearly set a goal for themselves and went to it, sweeping everything away on their way.

In the group stage of the summer split, they managed to take  the second place, with a statistics of 12-6, losing only Fnatic, who remained undefeated in the regular season.

Such a confident performance allowed Origen to go straight to the semifinals of the summer split, where they defeated H2K 3-1 without any problems.

In the final, the team was expected by the main boss - Fnatic. This meeting was important not only for xPeke and sOAZ, as everyone wanted to prove that they were the best. To some extent, this match became the "El Classico" of the European League of Legends.

The heated confrontation dragged on for 5 maps: Origen opened the score on the scoreboard, then Fnatic leveled up and took the lead thanks to unusual picks in game 3, but Zven prevented them from finishing the match 3-1 on Tristana.

The last map did not break the record for the fourth map, but it gave all the fans unforgettable emotions. Origen were leading on gold and had a chance to end the final in their favour, but they missed the moment. xPeke lost the battle, but received respect from former teammates.

Thanks to their excellent performance in the summer split, Origen got the chance to compete in the regional finals for a ticket to Worlds.

Having received the second number, they had to fight Team ROCCAT in the semifinal match. Origen managed to win a strong-willed victory with a score of 3-2, and it was easy to beat Unicorns Of Love 3-0 in the final .


Origen at the 2015 World Championship

Origen at the 2015 World Championship

At Worlds, the team ended up in Group D with TSM, LGD and KT Rolster. Despite the frightening list of "neighbours", the heroes of our story were not embarrassed and they advanced to the playoffs from  the second place in the group, losing only to KT Rolster.

In the quarterfinals, they were awaited by the Flash Wolves team - titans of the Pacific region and regular guests on the international stage.

As you could understand, the loud titles of rivals never scared Origen and having given only one card, they advanced to the 1/2 finals, where SKT T1 were already waiting for them.

Unfortunately, that year, the Korean team had to take the world champion title: SKT T1 did not notice Origen and advanced to the final without losing a map.

Origen, together with Fnatic, took 3-4 place and earned $150,000 in prize money.

After the championship, xPeke decided to end his player career and become a coach of the team. PowerOfEvil played instead of him at IEM Season X San Jose.

Origen are the champions of IEM Season X San Jose!

Origen are the champions of IEM Season X San Jose!

The coach's work was good for the team: 2-0 in the semi-finals against TSM and 3-0 against CLG. Origen got their first title in the first year of the organization's existence!


Before the new season, the team did not undergo any changes and Origen began their journey in 2016 with the following roster:

Origen’s starting roster in spring 2016

Origen’s starting roster in spring 2016

  • sOAZ
  • Amazing
  • PowerOfEvil
  • Zven
  • mithy
  • xPeke (Manager / Trainer)

The IEM World Championship opened the year, Origen got  there thanks to the victory in San Jose.

Being in the group with RNG, TSM and ESC Ever, the European team could not oppose anything. Origen finished in last place, failing the championship disastrously.

The team did not despair and was able to take 4th place in the spring split of EU LCS in the regular season .

The playoffs for Origen turned out to be difficult: the heroes of our story began their journey from the quarter finals. On the way, they met again UOL, who they managed to easily beat 3-0, H2K and G2.

The last two matches were extremely tense: in the semi-finals Origen managed to win a strong-willed victory 3-2, and in the match for the title they lost 1-3 in a hot struggle. Nevertheless, the second place again was quite good, but it didn’t suit some members of the team.


Origen starting roster in summer 2016

Origen starting roster in summer 2016

Before the summer split, Zven and mithy left the roster to be replaced by FORG1VEN, Toaster and Hybrid. xPeke also returned to the team and became the third player in the ADC position.

The change in the roster and format of the summer split did not give any benefits to Origen: the 9th place and the struggle for survival with the teams from the second division.

The promotion opponents were Misfits Gaming. The team, which previously easily beat the European giants and fought with the world tops on equal terms, hardly managed to overcome the roster of the Challenger Series.

After such a failure, the management of the organization decided to dissolve the roster and assemble a new one:

  • Satorius
  • Wisdom
  • Cinkrof (replacement)
  • Naehyun
  • Tabzz
  • Hiiva
  • xPeke (replacement)

The saved slot could not be kept for a long time: the new roster failed in the spring split, without winning a single game, and lost the promotion match to Giants Gaming.

Nobody expected that. The roster was dissolved again, but even with new players, Origen could not find success in EU CS. The last place in the summer split and suspension of activities.


The organization kept a slot for the European Masters 2018 Spring and took advantage of it.

Origen’s roster for EU Masters 2018 Spring:

  • Expect
  • inSec
  • Froggen
  • Jesiz

Having assembled a roster of strong "oldies", they managed to overcome the group stage and  reach the final in a bitter struggle.

Despite the controversial performance in the group stage and the early stages of the playoffs, Origen managed to defeat Illuminar Gaming without any efforts and became the triumphs of the EU Masters.

Origen - Champions of European Masters 2018 Spring!

Origen - Champions of European Masters 2018 Spring!

Despite significant success, this roster did not appear anywhere else.


In 2018 Origen became a part of RFRSH Entertainment, a Danish company that owns Astralis. Thanks to this, the club received funding and in 2019, with the rebranding of the EU LCS, they managed to buy a slot in the new LEC league.

Origen’s starting roster in 2019

Origen’s starting roster in 2019

New roster:

  • Alphari
  • Kold
  • nukeduck
  • Patrick
  • mithy

The new five showed a phenomenal result in the regular season of the spring split: The 2nd place with statistics 12-6.

Such a high place after the group stage allowed Origen to play with G2 in the final of the upper bracket, but unfortunately, the fight didn’t work out. Then they beat Fnatic 3-1, already in the lower bracket, but lost to the Samurai 0-3.

The happiness did not last long: in the summer the same roster took the 8th place, and they couldn't overcome the barrier of the first match in the regional finals, losing to the Splyce team 2-3.


The replacement of the roster didn’t benefit the organization: the 4th place in spring and the 10th place in summer 2020.

Since this season, the team has been performing under the Astralis banner and, despite the penultimate place in the spring split, is still showing hope for a breakthrough.


It was an amazing story of Team Origen. xPeke created a worthy team with a rich past and, like Ocelote, has already proved that you can always choose your path to achieve the goal!

Next time we will tell you about Royal Never Give Up.

See you at the Summoner's Rift!