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December 15th, 2019

North crowned DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 champions

The Danish team of North has become the winner of DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 in CSGO, which is the second LAN it won this year. For their victorious performance, they secured a $50,000 cheque.

north dreamhack sevilla

North finished their showing in Sevilla with a 7W-3L statistics 
photo courtesy of DreamHack

The squad from Denmark started off its participation in the tournament from Group A, where they beat BIG in the opening match on Nuke 19-16. However, after that North lost to CR4ZY (11-16 Train), so they had to bounce back in the lower bracket. There, the Danes faced off against Movistar Riders, whom they defeated in the decider 2-0 (16-11 Inferno, 16-5 Vertigo), earning a ticket to the Playoffs. 

In the meantime, in Group B, the first place was taken by MAD Lions E.C (ex-lineup of Tricked Esport). They were followed by GODSENT, who seized the second spot in the group’s final standings. To do so, the European team had to win two tough matches against Gambit Youngsters and Illuminar Gaming.

In the semifinal stage of the tournament, North met with their compatriots from MAD Lions. Eventually, they managed to overcome the roster led by Nicolai HUNDEN Petersen with a 2-1 score: 10-16 Overpass, 16-14 Dust2, 16-11 Vertigo. As a result, they advanced to the grand-final, where they were joined by CR4ZY as the EU five prevailed over GODSENT 2-1: 6-16 Vertigo, 16-3 Train, 16-7 Dust2.

The match for the DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 championship title lasted for three maps. North crushed their opponent on its own pick, Mirage (16-4), but then they were defeated on their map-choice, Vertigo (13-16). It all came down to Dust2, which René cajunb Borg's team closed out at a 16-8 mark, with cajunb himself delivering an MVP performance as he averaged a 1.29 KDR (55-45 K-D, 90.1 ADR).

The final results:

  • 1. North ($50,000)
  • 2. CR4ZY ($20,000)
  • 3-4. MAD Lions, GODSENT ($10,000 each)
  • 5-6. Movistar Riders, Illuminar Gaming ($3,000 each)
  • 7-8. BIG, Gambit Youngsters ($2,000 each)

According to the HLTV statistics, Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjærbye is the best performer of North at this tournament. His average rating in 10 maps is 1.22. On the other hand, the highest KDR among all participants was scored by Frederik "acoR" Gyldstrand (1.37 in 5 maps).

As it was mentioned earlier, it’s the second LAN that the Danish squad won in 2019. In February, they conquered the title of GG.BET ICE Challenge, taking home $20,000 of prize money. Back then, Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså and Casper "cadiaN" Møller were still on the roster, whilst nowadays valde is representing OG, and cadiaN is playing for Heroic. As of now, North are occupying the 24th spot in HLTV’s World Rankings.

The next DreamHack Open tournament in CSGO will be held in Leipzig, Germany, in 2020. It is scheduled for January 24-26. The first team that has qualified for this event is Sprout, who previously won ESL Meisterschaft Winter. The prize pool of the competition amounts to $100,000.