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May 13th, 2021

NoPing e-sports qualified for the second Major

The Peruvians from NoPing e-sports were unexpectedly the first to secure a spot in the second Major of this season. The team was the first in the South American region, but they still have a game with beastcoast in hand.

NoPing e-sports are unbeaten, they have 6 victories: over Hokori, Infamous, Infinity Esports, SG e-sports, Thunder Predator and Team Unknown.

beastcoast is now in second place, and Thunder Predator, most likely, will not play in the Major, although they showed themselves cool in the first - ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021.

2 teams from the South America region will play in the Major, one will start from the group stage, and the other from the playoffs.

Roster NoPing e-sports

  • hFn
  • Darkmago
  • Oscar
  • Matthew
  • Panda