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March 16th, 2021

"Next Stop - Playoffs" - Week in Summoner's Rift

The week has been very eventful: new fan skins, scandals and reshuffles, but let's start with an overview of regional leagues.

LoL Pro League

In China, 5 teams at once received tickets to the playoffs this week: Royal Never Give Up, EDward Gaming, Rare Atom, Team WE and FunPlus Phoenix.

Top Esports, JD Gaming and Suning are still competing to get ahead.

eStar Gaming, Oh My God and Rogue Warriors have lost their chance to advance. There are 1.5 weeks left until the end of the group stage, and the battle for the top 10 is starting to escalate.

LPL standings after 8 weeks of play

LPL standings after 8 weeks of play

LoL Champions Korea

In Korea, Hanwha Life Esports and DRX have once again swapped places and, most importantly, got their places in the playoffs. All the remaining teams are still applying for the remaining two tickets.

Afreeca Freecs made it difficult for themselves to advance further, losing to HLE and Brion Esports. Now they are ranked second to last.

In T1, Faker finally played again. They managed to earn their eighth victory in the group stage and get closer to getting into the playoffs.

LCK standings after 8 weeks of play

LCK standings after 8 weeks of play

LoL European Championship

The LEC group stage is over. The last week gave us a lot of vivid emotions, moments and unexpected layouts.

Fnatic lost 3 games out of 3 and in certain hands had a chance of not making the playoffs. The 0-3 stats for the week cost the British organization a spot in the top bracket.


A tragic fate befell the Misfits: they managed to beat both MAD Lions and Fnatic, but Vitality, which took last place, did not have enough strength. As a result, Misfits shared 6th place with SK Gaming, but lost to them taking into account personal meetings.


Astralis spent the last week with dignity: 3 wins and no losses. It didn’t help Zanzarah get a slot in the playoffs, but it did give the roster confidence and, according to the players, gave hope for a more successful summer split.

FC Schalke 04 also played 3-0 and unexpectedly managed to take 4th place. They will now start the playoffs in the Upper Bracket.

LEC standings after the end of the group stage

LEC standings after the end of the group stage

LEC Play-off bracket

LEC Play-off bracket

LoL Championship Series

Dignitas made a steep dive towards the end of the group stage. Having played 1-2, the team dropped to 3 places and deprived themselves of the right to start the playoffs from the upper bracket.

Cloud9 confirmed their superiority by taking 1st place, followed by TSM. The difference between the teams is just one win. Liquid took 3rd place, losing to TSM in personal meetings.

Unexpectedly for everyone, 100 Thieves settled in the top 4. Since 2019, the team could not climb higher than 5th place and always ended up in the first round of the playoffs. This year, the guys have already managed to take 3rd place in the opening tournament and break into the upper bracket following the results of the group stage of the spring split. Let's see if they can withstand formidable opponents.

The last team to participate in the playoffs was Evil Geniuses. With 10-8 statistics, they are in 6th place.

LCS standings based on the group stage results

LCS standings based on the group stage results

LCS Playoff bracket

LCS Playoff bracket

LoL Continental League

In the CIS, after the fifth week of the game, the leader changed. In a tough match between One Breath Gaming and Unicorns Of Love, the former managed to gain the upper hand and for the first time since the split began, UOL fell out of first place. Also with this victory, OBG earned themselves a slot in the playoffs.

The remaining 3 places will be played by 5 teams. Vega Squadron and CTRL PLAY dropped out of the playoff battle.

LCL standings after 5 weeks of play

LCL standings after 5 weeks of play

League News

On March 12, Natus Vincere announced on their website that they are opening the League Of Legends: Wild Rift roster. 5 guys from China living in Europe will represent the banners of "Born to Win". You can follow the new Na'Vi roster at the Rift Showdown and Mobile Mayhem Season 1 tournaments.

On reddit, the fan skin on Yasuo gained great popularity. In this image, one of the Hasagi brothers is presented as a person with a disability, which ridicules him as a serious peak, and notes his weakness at a high level in the current meta, moreover, for unknown reasons, Yasuo always attracts newcomers to himself, due to for which the team often ruins the game.



Also, do not reddit noted that Ziggs in this patch has a pickrate of only 0.8%. The champion dropped out of the meta after changing the store and has been unable to return to service for 5 months. We hope that Riot Games will pay attention to him, and soon we will see Ziggs more often in public.

China's Second League (LDL) is paused since March 17. Most likely this is due to the recent match-fixing scandal and in the future we may see unpleasant consequences of the investigation. The date of the resumption of games will be announced later.

Lineup changes

Nukeduck has officially left Astralis. The team will continue to play with MagiFelix in the mid lane.

Following the results of the spring split, Diamond was transferred from the main FlyQuest roster to the academic roster, replaced by Dreams.

CTRL PLAY took Ferrari810 as a replacement for mid. We hope that the young talent will help to get the first victory for the team in the split.


That was all the news from the past week. We are slowly approaching the middle of the season, which means that very soon the time will come to take the intermediate results. Follow the playoffs of the regional leagues on the event page and do not forget to read the news on our portal.

See you at the Rift!